Online Businesses Get Faster, More Secure Payments With Rvvup

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Rvvup, a Payments 3.0 platform that is transforming the way online businesses take payments, has launched a new payment links solution to complement their multi-payment technology, enabling online businesses to get paid faster and more securely. With Rvvup Pay Links, retailers can easily create branded payment links and share via email, SMS, WhatsApp and more to collect instant card or bank payments from customers.

Payments Received in 1 Day

75% of Rvvup payment links are paid within one day, allowing businesses to receive funds instantly. The links provide a seamless, intuitive checkout experience for customers, supporting enhanced security and conversion.

Key Benefits for Online Retailers

Rvvup Pay Links offers merchants multiple benefits:

  • Significant cost savings – Businesses can reduce processing fees by up to 80% when customers pay by bank (Open Banking)
  • Faster payments – Funds are available immediately, no need to wait days for settlement
  • Increased conversion – Customers can pay how they want, via card or bank transfer
  • Enhanced security – Payment links are secure, ensuring sensitive data protection
  • Simple reconciliation – All transactions appear in one interface to simplify reporting
  • Flexibility – Links can be shared via multiple digital channels, as well as in-person
  • Insights – Online businesses can see all payment methods in one place helping them optimise for cost, basket size and/or conversion

Driving Conversion, Loyalty and Growth

Rvvup Pay Links represent a game-changer for online businesses looking to get paid faster while delivering a best-in-class payment experience. The solution lets retailers meet customer payment preferences, driving conversion, satisfaction and loyalty.

Seamless Next-Gen Payments Platform

Rvvup Pay Links form part of the company’s next-generation payments platform. The full-stack solution future-proofs online businesses with real-time open banking and digital currency payments, alongside traditional methods like cards and PayPal.

With Rvvup, retailers apply once to access everything needed in a unified interface. The platform provides unique insights to optimize checkout and payment methods for increased revenue and lower fees.

Rvvup delivers multi-rail payments, reconciliation, and actionable analytics in one cutting-edge interface. The team combines 500+ years of fintech, payments and e-commerce expertise. Rvvup aims to future-proof online retailers with the flexibility and tools needed to thrive now and as the market evolves.


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