Mainstream Fiber Networks A New Era Of Expansion With Searchlight Capital Partners

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Mainstream Fiber Networks, known for providing broadband to rural Hoosier communities, is set to expand significantly thanks to a strategic investment from Searchlight Capital Partners. Since 2012, Mainstream has been a leading provider of fiber-optic Internet in rural Indiana, with support from the State of Indiana. This new partnership aims to bridge the digital divide further, benefiting residents and businesses across the state.

Mainstream Fiber Networks, a prominent name in providing high-speed broadband to rural Hoosier communities, is set to undergo a significant expansion. This growth is propelled by a strategic investment from the global private investment firm, Searchlight Capital Partners.

A Decade of Dedication

Since its inception in 2012, Indiana-based Mainstream has been at the forefront of delivering reliable and affordable fiber-optic Internet service across rural Indiana. Their dedication has not gone unnoticed. The State of Indiana, through the Next Level Connections Broadband initiative, has already granted Mainstream over $19 million. This funding aims to enhance Internet access in areas that were previously unserved or underserved.

Voices of Support

Indiana Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the importance of broadband access in every corner of Indiana. She believes that the partnership between Mainstream and Searchlight will significantly bridge the digital divide, benefiting residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

The Vision Ahead

With the backing of Searchlight, Mainstream is poised to intensify its public-private collaborative endeavors. The goal is clear to bring Internet access to regions of the state that have been digitally marginalized for far too long. Darren Glatt, Partner and Head of Digital Infrastructure at Searchlight, shares this vision. He sees Mainstream as a pivotal player in bringing broadband service to the entire state of Indiana.

Mainstream’s Mission and Future Plans

Bryan Gabriel, the Founder and CEO of Mainstream, emphasizes the company’s mission. He believes that high-speed fiber optic Internet is crucial for all communities, especially those in rural areas, to thrive in today’s digital age. With Searchlight’s investment, Mainstream is set to further its expansion plans, aiming to collaborate with local governments in search of a reliable partner for top-tier fiber connectivity.

Economic Implications

This strategic partnership is not just about digital connectivity. It’s also about economic growth. The investment is expected to generate numerous job opportunities across the state as Mainstream ventures into new markets.

A Word from Former FCC Chairman

Ajit Pai, Partner at Searchlight and former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, commends Mainstream’s efforts. He acknowledges the company’s success in deploying fiber-based infrastructure and serving Indiana residents who previously had limited or no Internet access.

Mainstream currently operates in eight counties across Indiana. Headquartered in Nashville, Indiana, the company also has regional offices in Corydon, Fowler, and Newburgh, Indiana.

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