Follo Makes Local Radio As Sexy As Spotify For Local Advertisers

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StatsRadio, the industry’s disruptive radio analytics company, is proud to announce the launch of online purchase features for radio advertising on Follo, which opens up a new way for local businesses to buy and track the performance of radio ads, with similar ease as on digital media goliaths.

“As a staunch believer in radio and their community of local businesses, I’m excited about what can now be achieved with Follo. Our online advertising platform will provide significant leverage to the radio industry through the measurable benefits and ease of use that it brings to local advertisers,” said Louis-Philippe Sutton, CEO of StatsRadio. “Follo is a natural extension of StatRadio’s core mission to elevate local radio, especially in rural regions where radio audience performance far exceeds its reputation. Radio has always been highly effective in these areas, but digital platforms gained ground—not because they reached more people—but because they were the only ones able to demonstrate real-time audience metrics.”

In collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada and with the mission statement of putting radio advertising appeal back on track, StatsRadio developed its proprietary methodology to estimate the real-time performance of radio stations. With Follo, advertisers could already easily evaluate their campaign’s effectiveness on a daily basis. And now, we are proud to announce the launch of our online purchasing platform. Buying ad space on a local radio station is now as easy as purchasing a campaign on any faceless digital giant.

A study carried out in 2023 surveyed 1,000 respondents scattered across the province of Quebec to better understand their streaming music habits. The survey surprisingly revealed that, on average, only 13% of respondents regularly listened to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music on a weekly basis. When the results were broken down by area, distinct trends emerged between urban and rural communities:

  • In urban clusters (Montreal, Quebec City, Longueuil, Levis or Sherbrooke), the number of respondents who streamed music weekly peaked at 26.7%.
  • In rural regions these figures shrunk to a mere 9%.

In contrast, regional radio stations reach between 70% and 90% of the local population. The reason is simple; local radio still connects and binds together the community of which it is a vibrant component.

From a B2B perspective, businesses also stand to gain from local radio advertising as concerns grow around content quality, data collection opacity and the importance of supporting regional economies by acting locally.

With Follo, local businesses can now kick off their radio ad campaigns in just seven simple steps online, instead of relying on less effective digital behemoths.

Follo is currently being deployed with French-speaking regional stations across Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario, and StatsRadio will be deploying Follo with the English-speaking stations of these regions in June. Stay tuned and follow this r(adio)evolution over the air by visiting website at or by reaching out by email:

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