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The story begins when I was a child. I didn’t have the opportunity to get a good education in school, when I was very young. I stopped studying around the time I was in the second year of junior high. Because of being bullied all the time, dropped out of school and spent all day doing nothing on the street with some friends, fighting, fighting, taking drugs and whatnot, and then staying at home all the time, nothing I can do.

I remember being in this situation for several years and never thinking about the direction of my life. I remember that I had a girlfriend at the time, and my girlfriend asked me why I was only at home. Didn’t work, quarreled many times, she and one of my relatives quarreled with me downstairs in my house, I was slapped in public by my relatives, but I still didn’t wake up, wasting a lot of time, my family also scolded me, Everyone is disappointed in me! I became autistic, playing LOL games at home all day.

Suddenly one day I turned on youtube and watched a video, iphone DIY teaching, because I always wanted an iphone but had no money to buy it. After seeing that video, I had a bold idea, why not try to buy parts and assemble a mobile phone by myself! I was 20 years old and didn’t have a job, so I stole about $200 from home. After looking for where to buy parts for a long time, I found that they are already available online. After a few mistakes, I managed to assemble it myself. An iphone, I have changed a little since that day.

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The first change is self-confidence. I have confidence in many things. Another year has passed, and I continue to live with this skill, although I can’t save money because I don’t have any concept, but I started to have a more important thing, curiosity. I seem to have returned to my childhood. I’m curious about everything and eager to learn. That’s when I met the man and benefactor of my life, he was my boss, and a friend of mine was looking for someone to develop a web page, everyone knows how can a social circle like ours understand developers?

I didn’t know where the courage came from. I told that friend that I was willing to take me to the boss. Now that I think about it, how lucky I am. The boss explained what was needed, and I kept watching it when I got home that day. Youtube, I think this is the only way out for my counterattack. From then on, I step by step from wordpress to php, and found that a lot of teaching needs English, damn it! I studied! It wasn’t until I completed a filing system for the company that I saw my work helping the company run smoothly. I released the company’s facebook data that day, and cried for a long time watching the data at home!

The company’s order system developed by me brings an average of 850,000 people to use it every month. I kept thinking, is this what success feels like? It was the first time in my life that I felt light. Of course, other colleagues in the company will still look down on me. I also understand that any college student can do these things, so I would go on to learn mysql > node > vue > java > go > typescript and I literally learned countless programming skills. One day, we went back to the company for a meeting. I asked my boss a question. In fact, I have many ideas that can bring you passive income. Boss, can you invest in me?

He said something to me that I will never forget. He said: Well, I support you, you don’t need to stress, let this failure be an experience! I support you! Looking back now, I really want to! Up to now, my project has been developed for two years, and it has not started yet. It has just started and reached the startup state. Now there are several big companies wanting to invest in us. I never thought I would appear this day, this is my whole story!

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