Plantd Is Leading A Shift To Carbon-Negative Building Materials Made From Fast-Growing, Perennial Grass

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Written by Plantd leadership team:
The Co-Founders are former SpaceX Engineers Huade Tan and Nate Silvernail, and Plantd CEO and TV personality + Entrepreneur Josh Dorfman

Plantd is the quickest way to pull carbon from the atmosphere and transform it into useful, durable products. Starting with the homebuilding industry, Plantd is leading a shift to carbon-negative building materials made from fast-growing, perennial grass and building the factory of the future to ensure carbon captured on the farm is locked away inside the walls, floors, and roofs of the places we live, work, and play.

  1. D.R. Horton has purchased 250,000 structural panels for wall sheathing and roof decking to be installed in over a thousand new single-family homes, starting in North Carolina. This groundbreaking installation is a first for the homebuilding industry, and is scheduled for end of June.
  2. Zero trees are cut down in the production of Plantd’s panels, which are made of fast-growing, perennial grass, and Plantd estimates that the panels used in every new D.R. Horton home will sequester five tons of carbon emissions pulled from the atmosphere.
  3. Partnering with D.R. Horton aligns with Plantd’s ambition to make carbon-negative building materials accessible to the widest possible audience of homeowners in America. 
  4. D.R. Horton is the first builder in the country to partner with Plantd to build with its carbon-negative building materials made of grass. 
Plantd - Renewable grass captures 10x more carbon per acre than trees

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  1. Plantd will produce the structural panels for D.R. Horton at its new headquarters and first production facility located in Oxford, North Carolina. The company is repurposing a former tobacco product manufacturing plant into a state-of-the-art facility for its novel production technology. Plantd’s production lines are modular, automated, and 100% electric-powered, an industry first. Link to June press release – Plantd Expands Operations to Produce Carbon-Negative Building Materials in Ex-Tobacco Facility
  2. Plantd’s production technology is spearheaded by engineers from SpaceX who are applying the same principles used to win the race to space to build a hyper-efficient, low-carbon emissions manufacturing plant that will redefine the materials builders use for home construction.
  3. Plantd carbon-negative panels are drop-in replacements, installed precisely the same on a job site as the materials homebuilders use today, and provide a seamless path for D.R. Horton to offer prospective homeowners the chance to live in homes that safely lock away atmospheric carbon inside their walls and roofs, a vital climate change solution. 
  4. This partnership takes sustainability to a whole new level. By partnering together, Plantd using fast-growing grass to pull carbon from the atmosphere and transform it into durable building materials, and D.R. Horton purchasing those materials to effectively lock away atmospheric carbon in the walls and roofs of new homes, prospective homeowners can now choose to live in homes that are a formidable solution for reversing the level of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere and solving climate change.
  5. This summer, D.R. Horton will install one hundred of Plantd’s structural, carbon-negative panels on a new home in Durham, North Carolina. Full production and delivery of Plantd building materials to D.R. Horton are expected to begin in 2024.
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