An Interview With Thyagi DeLanerolle, The Co-Founder & CEO At OOt

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OOt, is a tribute to its Canadian roots, reflecting a playful nod to the iconic phrase “oot and aboot.” It’s an innovative social platform designed to revolutionize real-life interactions and human connections.

Inspired by the friendly, outgoing nature of Canadian culture, OOt provides a unique take on social networking. Utilizing advanced technology, it facilitates real-time proximity awareness and shared interests mapping, essentially providing a live, interactive map of communities.

This platform enables users to navigate the social landscapes of their towns or cities with ease. You can visualize who’s around, understand the active social scenes, and identify like-minded individuals. OOt’s functionality turns the process of social interaction on its head, highlighting commonalities and promoting spontaneous conversations.

OOt’s mission goes beyond personal connection; it’s about strengthening communities as a whole. It fosters a greater sense of unity and belonging, reminiscent of the strong community bonds often found in Canadian towns and cities.

Think of OOt as your ultimate social wingmate, bringing a touch of Canadian camaraderie to your social experiences. Whether you’re a local keen to broaden your social sphere, or an out-of-towner eager to immerse in the local scene, OOt is your passport to an enriched and vibrant social life.

Highlights on the recent announcement: Large businesses often face the challenge of cultivating a vibrant and inclusive culture due to the vastness and diversity of their workforce. OOt, with its innovative technology and human-centric approach, can significantly contribute to the effort of creating a stronger community within these organizations.

OOt - Making social social again

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  1. Enhancing Internal Networking:

OOt’s platform can be utilized within businesses to improve internal networking. Mapping shared interests among employees, it enables spontaneous connections based on common hobbies, activities, or passions. This can encourage more interactions among employees, fostering relationships that extend beyond mere professional exchanges.

  1. Strengthening Corporate Culture:

With the ability to visualize communities, the platform can help identify and strengthen various sub-cultures within a business, which collectively form the overall corporate culture. The increased interactions and shared experiences can lead to a sense of unity and camaraderie, crucial elements of a strong corporate culture.

  1. Encouraging Collaboration and Innovation:

By facilitating connections based on shared interests, OOt can stimulate cross-functional collaborations. Employees from different departments, who may otherwise not interact, can come together over common interests, potentially leading to innovative ideas and solutions.

  1. Raising Awareness of OOt’s Platform:

Implementing OOt within large businesses can also serve to raise awareness of the platform’s overall capabilities. As employees experience the platform’s benefits firsthand, they’re likely to use it in their personal lives and recommend it to their networks. This organic growth strategy can significantly expand OOt’s user base, while simultaneously benefiting the businesses that adopt the platform.

Insights to Readers: It’s time for a step into the future with OOt Social and its innovative human connectivity platform. Let’s talk about how this advanced technology can radically change the way we interact in real life, thereby transforming our social lives, neighborhood dynamics, and even how we perceive our own cities.

  1. Real-Time Proximity Awareness:

At its core, OOt Social allows you to see communities on a map in real time. Imagine strolling through your city and having a clear picture of the social dynamics playing out around you. You can be aware of which communities are active nearby, and it’s no longer about wondering where the action is – it’s right there on your screen. This eliminates the guesswork out of socializing and empowers you to take control of your social interactions.

  1. Spontaneous Connections:

The traditional process of forming connections can sometimes be time-consuming and filled with guesswork. With OOt Social, this process is redefined. By indicating when others with shared interests are in close proximity, the platform allows for spontaneous, meaningful conversations. It’s the ultimate tool for those who value impromptu social interactions.

  1. Shared Interest Networking:

One of the key aspects of OOt Social is its focus on shared interests. The platform facilitates networking based on common hobbies, activities, or passions. This makes for an environment conducive to striking up conversations, ensuring that when you meet someone new, there’s always common ground to start with.

  1. Your Ultimate Wingmate:

OOt Social is more than just a connectivity platform – it’s your ultimate wingmate. Whether you’re new to a city, looking to expand your social circle, or just want to engage more with your community, OOt Social is there to assist. By giving you insights into what’s happening around you and who shares your interests, it guides you toward meaningful social experiences.

  1. Community Building:

Beyond individual interactions, OOt Social has immense potential for community building. Visualizing communities on a map, it allows residents to understand their city’s social landscape better. It fosters a sense of unity and involvement, thereby creating stronger, more interconnected communities.

OOt Social’s human connectivity platform isn’t just about facilitating social interactions. It’s about revolutionizing the way we perceive and engage with our surroundings, leading to deeper, more meaningful connections, and fostering a greater sense of community. For those keen to revolutionize their social experience, OOt Social offers a compelling solution.

Next 6 months: Over the next six months, OOt plans to embark on an exciting journey, with a key focus on building multinational relationships with large businesses and expanding its platform into the United States. Here’s a more detailed view of OOt’s strategic plan for the upcoming months:

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  1. Building Enterprise Multinational Relationships:

OOt understands the immense potential that lies in partnering with multinational corporations. These partnerships offer an opportunity to showcase the platform’s capabilities in enhancing internal networking, strengthening corporate culture, and fostering collaboration. To build these relationships, OOt plans to:

Develop and present tailored proposals that demonstrate the value OOt can bring to these corporations, focusing on how it can enhance their internal dynamics and promote a more cohesive company culture.

Establish connections with decision-makers in these organizations, leveraging industry events, networking platforms, and introductions through existing relationships.

Implement pilot programs within interested organizations. These pilots will provide tangible proof of OOt’s benefits and serve as case studies for prospective partners.

  1. Expansion into the United States:

Expanding into the US is a significant step for OOt. The US market, with its diversity and scale, presents a valuable opportunity for user growth and market validation. Here’s how OOt plans to approach this:

Market Research: Detailed analysis of different cities and their social dynamics will help OOt understand where its platform can provide the most value. This will inform the decision on which cities to target initially.

Localization: While OOt’s core functionality will remain the same, some aspects of the platform will be localized to ensure it resonates with US users. This may include local events, interests, and popular social spots.

Marketing & User Acquisition: A robust marketing strategy will be crucial to driving user acquisition in the US. This could involve online advertising, partnerships with local businesses, influencer marketing, and more.

Community Building: As in its home market, OOt will focus on building strong, engaged communities in the US. This will involve hosting events, facilitating local interactions, and more.

The best thing about the company that people may not know about: At the heart, OOt’s ultimate mission is to foster a world where no one feels lonely, and where every person experiences a sense of belonging. As an innovative social platform, OOt recognizes the essential role that social connections play in our lives. OOt’s approach to ending loneliness is twofold:

  1. Facilitating Meaningful Social Connections:

OOt is designed to foster spontaneous, meaningful connections based on shared interests and geographical proximity. By providing real-time community maps and highlighting commonalities, it ensures that individuals can effortlessly find others with whom they resonate. This not only paves the way for friendships but also cultivates a sense of belonging and community, combating feelings of loneliness.

  1. Building Inclusive Communities:

OOt strives to build inclusive communities where everyone, regardless of their background or lifestyle, feels welcome. It promotes a culture of openness and acceptance, encouraging users to extend their social circle and connect with diverse individuals.

Additionally, OOt champions the idea of kindness prevailing even among strangers. The platform encourages positive and respectful interactions, fostering an environment where kindness and empathy are the norm. Through this approach, OOt aims to instill a sense of camaraderie and unity among its users, further contributing to the reduction of loneliness.

OOt’s mission reflects the belief that social connection is not just about the number of interactions we have, but also the quality of these interactions. By fostering meaningful connections and nurturing inclusive, kind communities, OOt seeks to make loneliness a thing of the past and ensure everyone feels like they truly belong.

Written by:
Thyagi DeLanerolle, the Co-Founder & CEO

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