Veruna Secures $10M In Series B Funding To Transform InsurTech Innovation

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Veruna Inspiring and empowering

Veruna, a leading agency management system built on Salesforce’s renowned CRM platform, has successfully completed its Series B fundraising round, securing approximately $10 million.

Key Investors and Backers

The fundraising initiative drew attention from notable venture capitalists such as Berkley Ventures, Guidewire Software, the Institutes, and CoVerica Insurance. This capital boost is further strengthened by the ongoing support from established stakeholders like Keystone Insurers Group and EMC Insurance.

Innovative Platform Customer360

Veruna’s standout feature is its cutting-edge platform, Customer360. This system seamlessly merges predictive analytics with the ease of no-code configurability. Designed to increase revenue, improve efficiency, and elevate the customer experience, Customer360 empowers insurance agents to shift their focus from mundane administrative duties to delivering essential client advisory services.

Utilizing the Funds

The newly acquired funds are designated to accelerate Veruna’s product innovation. The company aims to foster growth in key areas, including engineering, sales, marketing, and enhancing customer success.

Veruna’s Strategic Positioning

With the insurance industry’s growing affinity for Salesforce and CRM tools, Veruna’s market timing and positioning seem impeccable. The company’s dedication transcends mere technological advancements; it represents a strategic investment to boost the efficacy and productivity of insurance agencies.

Words from the Leadership

Jennifer Carroll, Veruna’s CEO, expressed her excitement, stating, This funding propels our vision to transform the insurance sector. Clare Tokeim of Berkley Ventures shared a similar sentiment, emphasizing Veruna’s prime positioning given the insurance industry’s recent adoption of Salesforce and CRM tools.

Continued Journey

This Series B fundraising is a continuation of Veruna’s progressive trajectory, having previously garnered trust and financial support from Keystone Insurers Group and EMC Insurance.

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