The World’s First Self Sanitising Baby Bottle

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Below is our recent interview with Shannon Gilleland, Founder of Pronto Bottle.

Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe Pronto Bottle?

A: Pronto Bottle is a revolution in bottle feeding! The very first self-sterilising baby bottle that is giving freedom back to parents, while at the same time creating a safer bottle feeding experience for babies. No longer will parents have to buy, prepare or carry multiple bottles with them. With Pronto, it’s just 1 bottle, that can be carried empty, and prepared anywhere a parent can find drinkable tap water!

Q: Tell us something more about technology you ‘ve used in making these bottles?

A: Pronto has been designed using “one-click” technology (UV-C light), currently used in the medical and dental field, as well as in water sterilisation products.
The “One Click” technology allows Pronto to sterilise itself and the water that is added to it, while home or out, completely freeing a parent from the kitchen sink.
In doing so, Pronto has liberated parents from the mundane and time consuming process of washing, sterilising & prepping bottle after bottle at home, and the hassle of lugging around a big and heavy nappy bag.

Q: Where can we buy your bottles?

A: You’ll be able to find Pronto Bottle in your local pharmacy, large chain retailers, popular baby and parenting stores and online, but only from the beginning of 2022 onwards as we haven’t moved into tooling and manufacturing yet.

Q: What’s the best thing about Pronto Bottle that people might not know about?

A: The fact that it’s the first bottle that can be carried empty and parents never have to worry about running out of a bottle while they’re out.
The same bottle is literally rinsed and re-used over and over again.
It’ll also be able to be sent back to us at the end of it’s use, where we will refurbish it and send it out to charity partners who can give it to a family who really needs it.

Q: What can we expect from Pronto Bottle in next six months? Do you have some goals?

A: We’re improving our latest design now, which will then be lab tested, tested with parents and Key Opinion Leaders and also showcased at expo’s around Australia for further feedback and design improvements.

Absolutely! We’re intending on another raise by June this year to get us to tooling and manufacturing, which means we can finally move to putting Pronto Bottle in customers hands.
It’s a larger raise, around $675k AUD, which will help us manufacture and distribute throughout Australia by 2022.

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