Tech Conference Europe Will Have A Special Focus On Innovation In Ai, Immersive Experiences, Mobility, and Smart Cities

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There are just two weeks left until the Spring Edition of TECH Conference Europe (TCE) will open its virtual doors. On 16 March, the team at Hipther Agency, organizers of the TCE series, will take you on a journey that will impress even some of the biggest forward thinkers of our

The program of the virtual conference will focus on the latest developments in AI, Education, Immersive Experiences, Mobility, and Smart Cities.
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The program includes the following discussions:

  • Creativity in Gaming & Animation: Immersive experiences
  • Training and Education in XR – development and implementation
  • Mobility and Smart Cities
  • Self-driving cars, where are we at? – safety, investment, setbacks
  • Security and Privacy in Artificial, Virtual and Mixed Reality
  • Health and Wellness – AI and XR Integrations

    An impressive selection of tech leaders will join the above-mentioned panel discussions, but will also deliver some very engaging panel discussions. Here is the list of the already confirmed experts:
  • Kevin Blair (ATMOS VR LTD)
  • Lorna Inman (Lorna Inman Art)
  • Sonke Kirchhof (INVR.SPACE)
  • Tomas Salini (SARIO)
  • Andrea Mocellin (Revolve Air)
  • Candace Pittenger (The AngelGirl Foundation)
  • David Sime (Oncor Reality and Riiot Digital)
  • Marko Savkovic (HTC)
  • Andjela Todorovic (Cubic Corporation)
  • David Torrejon (Red Points)
  • James Simpson (Copper Candle)
  • Zolzaya Chultembat (What3words)
  • Amy Peck (EndeavorVR)
  • Erich Ko (Hop In Technologies)
  • Shariq Hashmi (ZedXe)
  • Felix Negoita (Cognizant Softvision)
  • Greta Bujute (Danske Bank)
  • Jaka Repansek (Hipther Agency)
  • Silvia Cristina Stegaru (Codette)
  • Simon Planzer (PLANZER LAW)
  • Stefania Barbaglio (Cassiopeia Services)
  • Mihaela Ulieru (IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy)
  • Dmitry Nedovis (SummarizeBot)
  • Christian Rouffaer (International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC)
  • Claudia Duicu (ITC Edustem and Itech Club)
  • James Simpson (Rose Bruford College)
  • Maryna Mykhaylenko (Sensorama Lab)
  • Miquel Vidal Trilla (CBRE)
  • Stephan Keller (Graz University of Technology)
  • Alex Marginean (Hipther Agency)
  • Agnes Bakk (Random Error Studio)
  • Rebecca Liu (VRCORE)
  • Zoltan Tundik (HIPTHER Agency)

The conference also offers invites innovative startups to pitch their projects to the investor audience.

For further inquiries about the peaking/attending/sponsoring options, make sure to send an e-mail to Andrada Bota (B2B Sales Executive at Hipther Agency).

Among the supporters of the conference, you will also find the Georgian Venture Capital Association as a strategic partner, and leading media outlets such as Coins Flare, Embassy of Blockchain, CoinPedia, TechEvents Online, AI Time Journal, Cassiopeia Services,, TechieScoops, and many more.

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