Salesforce’s Acquisition Of A Strategic Move in AI-Powered Customer Service

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Salesforce, a global leader in CRM solutions, has unveiled its intentions to acquire This low-code platform is renowned for assisting e-commerce businesses in developing AI-driven customer service agents.

Airkit’s Evolution and Connection with Salesforce

Established in 2017 by Adam Evans and Stephen Ehikian in Redwood City, California, Airkit initially emerged as a self-serve customer engagement platform. It was designed to bridge data silos and streamline processes like onboarding new users. Interestingly, this isn’t the founders’ first interaction with Salesforce. They previously sold their big data startup, RelateIQ, to Salesforce for a whopping $390 million in 2014.

Recently, Airkit underwent a transformation, rebranding as With this change, they introduced their maiden integrated product, a GPT-4-based platform. This innovative platform empowers businesses, including notable names like OpenTable and ShipBob, to craft specialized customer service chatbots. These chatbots are adept at handling a variety of customer queries, from order statuses and refunds to detailed product information.

Financial Backing and Market Presence’s journey has been significantly influenced by its ties with Salesforce. The company kickstarted its operations in 2020 with a substantial $28 million funding, with contributions from Accel and Salesforce Ventures. These associations didn’t end there. Salesforce Ventures continued its support in subsequent funding rounds, elevating’s total funding to an impressive $68 million over six years.

Furthermore, Airkit secured a coveted spot on Salesforce’s enterprise cloud marketplace, AppExchange, last year.

The Generative AI Movement and Salesforce’s Vision

The excitement surrounding ChatGPT and the expansive generative AI domain is undeniable. Investors are eagerly scouting for the next groundbreaking venture in this space. Given’s deep-rooted connections with Salesforce, it was only a matter of time before it became a prime acquisition target. This sentiment is further solidified by Salesforce’s recent commitment to invest a staggering $500 million in generative AI startups.

The Future of with Salesforce

Upon finalizing the acquisition, which is anticipated by January 2024, Salesforce envisions integrating into its customer service platform, Service Cloud. Adam Evans is set to continue spearheading the business operations post-acquisition.

Salesforce’s decision to acquire underscores the growing importance of AI in reshaping customer service paradigms. With this strategic move, Salesforce is poised to further solidify its position as a frontrunner in delivering cutting-edge AI solutions for businesses worldwide.

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