Meet Gene Bio Medical – A Innovator With Demonstrated Commercialization Capability In The Life Sciences Industry

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Below is our recent interview with Ian Yang, VP, Corporate Strategy & Development at GBM Health Group:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: Gene Biotechnology Enterprises Ltd., operating as Gene Bio Medical, is a leader in the field of biomedical commercialization and manufacturing. The company represents a “Made in Canada” opportunity for the manufacture of innovative medical products. As the primary commercial and biomanufacturing partner, Gene Bio Medical takes the lead in the pandemic preparedness for Canadian people. Their involvement in major research projects underlines their commitment to the development of ground breaking technologies and products that can positively impact global health.

Gene Bio Medical is a biotechnology innovator with demonstrated commercialization capability in the Life Sciences industry. As a fast-growing biomedical company with its own manufacturing lines, Gene Bio Medical collaborates with worldwide partners and universities to provide global healthcare professionals and customers with the latest leading-edge technologies that help improve health and quality of life, revolutionizing healthcare. The company has a mission to provide the world with the best possible diagnostic solutions to enable them to diagnose and prevent potential health issues. Gene Bio Medical strives to be the market leader in providing high-quality, evidence-based, cost-effective, and reliable products that are accessible to everyone.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Gene Bio Medical has announced three significant partnerships in the field of pandemic preparedness. The first partnership is with the Canadian Hub for Health Intelligence & Innovation in Infectious Diseases (HI³) as part of the “Pandemic preparedness engaging primary care and emergency departments (PREPARED)” initiative. Gene Bio Medical will collaborate with HI³ in the commercialization and manufacturing aspects of the project, aiming to enhance pandemic preparedness by involving primary care and emergency departments across six Canadian provinces. The company’s expertise in commercialization and manufacturing makes it a valuable partner in achieving the project’s objectives. This partnership marks Gene Bio Medical’s third collaboration within the Canada Biomedical Research Fund (CBRF) and Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund (BRIF) program.

The second partnership is with the Prairie Hub for Pandemic Preparedness, led by the University of Alberta and other major partners. Gene Bio Medical is among the esteemed biotech partners chosen to participate in the development of proposals for Prairie Hub research. This partnership aligns with Canada’s Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy, which has received significant investment to enhance the country’s biomanufacturing and life sciences sector. Gene Bio Medical is committed to working closely with its partners in the Prairie Hub to develop innovative diagnostic solutions that contribute to a robust national response to future pandemics.

Additionally, Gene Bio Medical has been selected as the commercialization business partner for a research initiative led by Professor Peter Unrau of Simon Fraser University. The project, “Sensitive and Accurate Diagnostics for Pandemic Response and Environmental Testing,” aims to redefine diagnostic technologies and translate research findings into commercially viable products. Gene Bio Medical will lend its expertise and capabilities in commercialization and manufacturing to support the initiative, contributing to the advancement of biomedical research and practical solutions for global health. This collaboration is part of the Canada Biomedical Research Fund (CBRF) and Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund (BRIF) program, coordinated by the Canadian Institute for Experimental Biomedical Hub (CIEBH).

Gene Bio Medical - Innovation, Advancement, Revolutionizing Healthcare

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: At Gene Bio Medical, we are passionate about offering innovative diagnostic solutions that are focused on the prevention and early detection of diseases and conditions. We specialize in developing cutting-edge molecular diagnostic tests that utilize the latest technologies and are designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable results.

Our vision is to provide everyone with the best possible diagnostic solutions that enable people to diagnose and prevent potential health issues. We strive to be the market leader in providing high-quality, evidence-based, cost-effective, and reliable products that are accessible to everyone. We are committed to developing innovative and effective diagnostic solutions that are available to our customers at an affordable price.

Gene Bio Medical has achieved positive net present value with a comprehensive IP portfolio. Our competitive advantages include:

  1. Tested technology feasibility;
  2. Track record of financial performance;
  3. Proven ability to scale manufacturability;
  4. Existing collaborations with ecosystem partners;
  5. Demonstrated attractive unit economics;
  6. Validate market demand with clients’ orders.

The company’s approach to scaling its business involves utilizing market trends and commercial sales research, connecting with innovators for commercialization, client acquisition and retention, and continuous localization.

We have a healthcare value chain that includes raw materials supply, research & development, manufacturing, commercialization, and global sales networks.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Canada requires a well-coordinated plan to ensure readiness for future pandemics and other health threats, which includes domestic diagnostics development and production capabilities across priority and next-generation platforms; and, Canada stands to benefit from a plan to advance other important health and economic outcomes associated with the biomanufacturing and life sciences sector.

Governments are investing in economies to resolve domestic supply risk, support for clinical trials, training, and skills development for the life sciences labor market, facilitate commercialization of Canadian innovations, and transform healthcare systems’ capacity via productivity gains. This is building on a revolution that has been unfolding over the past decade to transform point-of-care capacity and capability. These mega-trends will drive the need for market-ready innovations for many years. The market size for these products is huge and growing.
Gene Bio Medical is uniquely positioned to see market opportunities and source the necessary R&D to commercialize products that meet market needs while maintaining intellectual property rights.

In alignment with Canada’s Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy, Gene Bio Medical will continue to act, based on the best available innovations, to build a strong ecosystem and fight the future pandemics, be prepared for future health emergencies, while growing within the sector and creating more high-quality research and manufacturing jobs for Canadians.

Gene Bio Medical has a plan to build a strong ecosystem for Canadian pandemic preparedness:

  1. Increasing domestic manufacturing capability.
  2. Pioneering new manufacturing methods to drive down costs.
  3. Steering R&D efforts to deliver market-driven solutions.
  4. Maintaining deep market visibility through direct sales channels.
  5. Growing IP portfolio through our R&D collaborations.
  6. Accelerating commercialization process to capture validated market demand.
Improving the pathway to evolution

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Gene Bio Medical is a women-led corporation and represented Canada’s Life Sciences sector in the delegation of Women’s Trade Mission to the United Kingdom. Our founder and CEO Jessica Hu is a highly accomplished senior management professional in the biotech industry. During her tenure at a large biotech company, she played a key role in driving over $130MM in revenue through her strategic leadership and business acumen. Over the past 15 years, Jessica has been a strategic partner for the University of British Columbia (UBC) in biochemistry and molecular biology, leading numerous successful business ventures.

Jessica’s extensive expertise in the biotech industry has earned her recognition as a member of the Canadian Association of Drug and Policy Management (CADPM). She is passionate about developing innovative solutions for complex medical challenges and is committed to driving advancements in the field of biomedicine. With her impressive track record and deep understanding of the industry, Jessica is poised to continue making significant contributions to the biotech industry in the years to come.

Aside from her professional achievements, Jessica is also actively involved in supporting women in business. She serves on the board of a non-profit organization that helps women entrepreneurs and is an advocate for women in the finance industry. Her expertise in strategic planning, financial analysis, and risk management has been critical to her success, and her commitment to mentoring and supporting women in business is inspiring.

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