TREMEC’s Strategic Acquisition: Electric GT Joins The Fold To Boost EV Conversion Solutions

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TREMEC, a renowned subsidiary of KUO, has officially announced its acquisition of Electric GT, Inc. , an avant-garde provider of plug-and-play EV conversion systems. This strategic move is set to bolster TREMEC’s offerings in the burgeoning ICE-to-BEV vehicle conversion market, positioning the company at the forefront of this transformative industry.

Electric GT’s Unique Proposition

Electric GT‘s innovative solutions have carved a niche in the EV conversion space. Their plug-and-play systems have garnered attention for their efficiency and ease of use, making them a prime choice for TREMEC’s expansion plans.

TREMEC – Electric GT A New Era Begins

Post-acquisition, the newly branded entity, TREMEC – Electric GT, will operate from Electric GT’s base in Huntington Beach, CA. This collaboration will leverage TREMEC’s global resources, ensuring that the combined expertise of both companies is harnessed to its fullest potential.

The Rising Demand for Electric Conversions

The global shift towards sustainable solutions has seen a surge in the number of builders and independent installers converting traditional ICE powertrains to electric. Whether driven by performance aspirations or environmental considerations, the demand for reliable conversion solutions is palpable. TREMEC – Electric GT’s system solution addresses this need, offering a comprehensive package that includes batteries, cabling, drive motors, inverters, gearboxes, and essential control systems.

TREMEC’s Vision for the Future

Alejandro de la Barreda, KUO’s CEO, expressed confidence in the synergy between TREMEC’s powertrain technology expertise and Electric GT’s innovative solutions. TREMEC’s eCrate solutions, designed as an alternative to traditional ICE engine swaps, are poised to redefine the EV conversion market. With a complete system in place, TREMEC emerges as a one-stop solution for builders and individuals seeking comprehensive electric conversion solutions.

TREMEC’s Expanding Portfolio

Beyond the acquisition, TREMEC continues to innovate, developing electric drive units (EDUs) tailored for the OEM, specialty vehicles, and aftermarket segments. By merging advanced motor and inverter technology with TREMEC’s six-decade-long experience in gearbox design and manufacturing, the company aims to deliver the most power-dense EDUs available in the market.

A Bright Future Ahead

With the combined prowess of TREMEC’s electric drive solutions and Electric GT’s comprehensive electric systems, TREMEC – Electric GT is set to provide the ICE conversion market with high-performance, technologically advanced systems. These systems, backed by TREMEC’s extensive distribution network, service, and support, promise to set new standards in the EV conversion industry.

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