Rampart Bioscience Secures $85M In Series A Financing For DNA-Based Medicine Development

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Rampart Bioscience - The Future of gene medicine

Rampart Bioscience, a biotechnology firm based in La Jolla, California, has secured $85 million in Series A financing to develop innovative DNA-based medicines. Their proprietary platform, HALO, aims to address challenges in gene therapy, with a primary focus on treating hypophosphatasia, a rare genetic bone disorder. The funding round saw significant contributions from Forbion, OrbiMed, RA Capital Management, and HealthCap.

Rampart Bioscience, a groundbreaking biotechnology firm, has successfully raised $85 million in Series A financing. This funding will be channeled towards the creation of innovative medicines that aim to alleviate patients from the burdens of their diseases and associated treatments.

Forbion Takes the Lead in Series A Financing

Forbion spearheads the Series A financing round, with significant contributions from founding seed investor OrbiMed, as well as new investors RA Capital Management and HealthCap.

Rampart’s HALO: A Revolutionary DNA-Based Medicines Platform

Rampart’s proprietary DNA-based medicines platform, known as HALO, is a game-changer in the biotech industry. Drawing inspiration from nature, HALO has been designed to address the primary limitations and safety concerns associated with viral and early non-viral gene approaches.

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Patient Benefit

Louis Breton, Rampart’s Co-Founder, CEO, and Board Director, emphasized the company’s dedication to revolutionizing the treatment landscape. He stated, “Our vision is to liberate patients and their families from the hardships of their disease by creating efficacious medicines that are within their reach and at costs that don’t break the system.”

Focus on Hypophosphatasia (HPP)

Rampart’s lead program is centered on the treatment of hypophosphatasia (HPP), a rare and often fatal genetic disorder that hinders bone mineralization. The company is also working on additional programs.

Rampart’s DNA Medicines: A New Era of Potency and Durability

Jeffrey Bartlett, Ph.D., Rampart’s Co-Founder and Chief Innovation and Technical Officer, highlighted the unique structural elements of Rampart’s DNA medicines. These elements facilitate nuclear trafficking and retention while evading immune responses, potentially addressing the potency and durability challenges faced by earlier approaches.

A Strong Foundation and a Bright Future

With over seven decades of combined biotechnology experience, Rampart’s executive management team is well-equipped to drive innovation in gene and cell-based therapies. The team’s previous collaborations and successes, such as the acquisition of gene and cell therapy company Calimmune by CSL Behring, further solidify their position in the industry.

Rampart Bioscience is on a mission to free patients and their families from the constraints of severe and debilitating diseases. With a multidisciplinary team at its helm, the company is developing DNA-based medicines that promise transformative and enduring clinical benefits. Their primary focus is on genetic diseases that impact the liver, with their inaugural program targeting hypophosphatasia. Rampart operates out of La Jolla, California.

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