MishiPay Founder And CEO Says Scan & Go Tech Will Change Retail Forever

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Smartphone-based technology is set to revolutionize the High Street in the biggest change to retail since the development of online shopping.      

Shoppers using MishiPay’s Scan and Go tech can now enter participating stores, select goods, scan their barcodes and pay using a variety of convenient digital payment methods, all from their own phone. Users can then simply walk out of the store. There’s no need to queue at checkouts, thus freeing staff for other duties on the shop floor.

As well as saving time, this new technology can help stop the spread of COVID-19. It reduces interpersonal contact and facilitates social distancing by allowing MishiPay users to check out in their own space, anywhere in the store.

From the retailers point of view, the speed with which purchases can be made increases potential revenue by eliminating abandoned baskets caused by checkout friction and increasing the ease of impulse buying.

MishiPay founder and CEO Mustafa Khanwala says that by removing the checkout pinchpoint from the experience, retail can for the first time offer true self-service. Easily integrated into existing POS and back office systems, MishiPay’s Scan, Pay, Go technology has already been successfully deployed by retailers including Spar, Londis, MUJI, Mango, Decathlon and Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

“Scan and Go has not only the potential to revolutionize the High Street but also to revitalize it,” says Khanwala. “It liberates the shopping experience by combining the ease of buying online with the thrill and power of the physical experience.”

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