FounderSix: A New Era In Influencer-Led Beauty Brands With A $12M Boost

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FounderSix, a beauty brand incubator Co-Founded by Oli Goulden and Pieter Wittgen, has secured a $12 million investment from venture capital firm KD Capital. This funding will enable FounderSix to expand its model and introduce more influencer-led beauty brands. The recent success of Ravie Beauty, a brand under FounderSix, highlights the potential of their innovative business approach.

The beauty industry is witnessing a transformative moment with FounderSix, a beauty brand incubator, securing a substantial investment to further its mission.

Significant Funding Milestone

FounderSix, co-founded by Oli Goulden and Pieter Wittgen, has achieved a remarkable funding milestone. KD Capital, a renowned venture capital firm known for backing innovative startups like OKCupid, Grab, and Shoprunner, has invested a whopping $12 million in FounderSix. This investment is set to propel FounderSix to new heights, allowing them to expand their successful model and introduce more influencer-led beauty brands to the market.

Success Stories and Potential

The recent success of Ravie Beauty, a brand launched in collaboration with YouTuber Allie Glines, is a testament to the potential of FounderSix’s business model. Achieving a year’s worth of projected sales within the first thirty minutes of its launch, Ravie Beauty sets a promising precedent for future brands under the FounderSix umbrella.

Behind-the-Scenes Operations

FounderSix is not just about funding. They handle all operations behind the scenes. Central to this is product development, with a team that boasts experience with industry giants like L’Oréal, Shiseido, Unilever, and Johnson & Johnson. Their strong ties with top-tier manufacturing facilities in South Korea, Italy, and the US ensure that the trust between the influencer and their audience translates into a stellar product and brand experience.

A Testament to Trust and Vision

Lewis Cheng, Managing Partner of KD Capital, expressed his confidence in the leadership of Oli and Pieter. He emphasized their unique talent for creating brands from scratch and their proven track record, which resonates with KD Capital’s principle of investing in people over just ideas.

FounderSix is a visionary beauty brand incubator established in July 2020. They partner with influencers to launch exceptional beauty brands, covering everything from investment and product development to branding, marketing, and operations. Influencers become co-founders, turning their vision into reality by launching authentic products tailored for their audience.

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