BeFake: The AI-Driven Social Network With A $3M Funding Boost

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BeFake - why be real

Challenging the Norms of Authenticity in Social Media

BeFake, a novel social networking application, has successfully secured $3 million in seed funding. Contrary to the trend of promoting authenticity in social media, BeFake encourages users to harness AI technology to customize their photos. The app’s name, a playful nod to the popular Gen Z app BeReal, suggests a departure from the norm, allowing users to showcase not just their current reality but also their imaginative flair.

The Brainchild of Gaming Veterans

Alias Technologies, the company behind BeFake, was founded by Kristen Garcia Dumont and Tracy Lane, both of whom previously held executive roles at the gaming behemoth Machine Zone. Their experience in the gaming industry, particularly in leveraging AI for monetization and player matching, laid the groundwork for BeFake’s innovative approach to social networking.

AI-Augmented Creativity at Your Fingertips

Upon using BeFake, users can capture photos with both front and back cameras. However, the real magic begins when they employ the app’s AI technology to transform these photos. Whether it’s placing oneself atop Mount Everest or diving into a fantasy realm, BeFake’s AI-driven prompts allow users to craft unique visuals that resonate with their imagination.

Rejecting the Inauthentic “Authenticity” Movement

CEO Kristen Garcia Dumont expressed her views on the current authenticity trend in social media, noting that even platforms like BeReal have seen users curate their “real” moments. BeFake’s name and concept challenge this trend, emphasizing that true authenticity lies in embracing one’s creativity rather than adhering to societal norms.

Community-Centric Growth and Future Plans

BeFake’s focus extends beyond just technology; it aims to cultivate a vibrant community of users. The company believes that the true value of AI apps lies in the community they foster. By being responsive to user feedback and continuously refining its algorithms, BeFake aims to nurture a loyal user base that actively engages with the platform.

BeFake’s recent funding milestone and its unique take on social networking signal a refreshing change in the digital landscape. As the app continues to evolve and cater to its community, it promises to offer a platform where users can truly express themselves, free from the constraints of conventional social media norms.

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