AskUI Secures €4.3 Million In Seed Funding: A Leap Towards AI-Powered Prompt-To-Automation

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AskUI - UI Automation Anywhere

AskUI, a groundbreaking platform hailing from Karlsruhe, Germany, has made waves in the tech industry by successfully raising €4.3 million in seed funding. Their innovative approach, which combines artificial intelligence with prompt-to-automation, promises a transformative impact on application understanding and automation.

Distinguished Investors Show Confidence

The seed funding round was spearheaded by Eurazeo, a renowned private equity and venture capital firm based in Paris. Alongside Eurazeo, existing investors such as 468 Capital, LEA Partners, and APX, as well as new entrants like Seedcamp and angel investors Carsten Thoma and Christian Stiebner, contributed to this round, showcasing a broad spectrum of confidence in AskUI’s potential.

Eurazeo: A Brief Overview

Established in 1969, Eurazeo boasts a diversified portfolio of €34.1 billion in assets under management. With nearly €24.1 billion sourced from third parties, they have investments in a staggering 590 companies, marking their significant presence in the investment landscape.

Future Plans for AskUI

With the fresh infusion of funds, AskUI has charted out a clear roadmap for the future. The primary focus will be on advancing product development, with the goal of launching their inaugural prompt-to-automation model. This model is designed to empower users to control and automate processes seamlessly using natural language. Furthermore, AskUI is setting its sights on global market expansion and aims to bolster its team in the process.

A Deep Dive into AskUI’s Offerings

AskUI stands out as a unique prompt-to-automation platform. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, it comprehends applications and their context. Their platform is designed to automate intentions rather than mere interactions, bridging the gap between advanced AI models and a user-centric no-code and code approach.

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