An Interview With Shawn Bonnington, Founder & CEO At VizaLogix

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Below is our recent interview with Shawn Bonnington, Founder & CEO at VizaLogix:

Q: Can you give us a brief introduction to your professional background?

A: I’m the proud son of Army Veterans, born on base in West Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. I’m also the 4th generation of the Bonnington Lumber & Construction Company (at least that was the original plan), while at heart being a Technology Enthusiast. Over the past 17 years, I’ve been involved with multiple successful startup exits, totaling $1.2B in acquisitions that have allowed me to learn what works and, as importantly, doesn’t work when you’re building an organization & product designed for long-term success. Currently serving as the Founder & CEO at VizaLogix, I lead a great team dedicated to delivering world-class software products & customer support for our customers.

Q: Journey to VizaLogix: Your experiences in industries focused on technology replacing human roles and how this influenced your vision for VizaLogix to enhance, not replace, human interaction.

A: Having navigated the technological landscape in previous roles, specifically with Fetch Robotics and Zonar Systems, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of disruptive technology. Where I differ from a lot of my peers in the space is I firmly believe in leveraging technology to complement human capabilities rather than replacing human roles in the workplace. With a front-row view into human displacement inside the Warehouse robotics market, I knew there had to be an alternative available to us besides the outright replacement of human roles in the decades ahead. At VizaLogix, our vision is centered around enhancing person-to-person interactions through technology, not their replacement. We’ve created solutions that empower Customer service operations to refocus their support away from complete AI automation, instead fostering collaboration and efficiency between AI & NI, recognizing the immense value of the human touch when support is needed.

Q: Your View on AI: Your perspectives on AI, particularly in customer support.

A: In the realm of customer support, AI can & should play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and responsiveness. While AI can automate routine tasks and provide quick answers, it’s important to strike a balance between value & automation. At VizaLogix, we view AI as a valuable tool to augment customer support efforts, allowing human agents to focus on more complex and nuanced customer interactions. Our approach ensures a seamless blend of AI-driven automation and the personalized touch that human agents bring to customer interactions. For Customer support organizations daring to stand out from their competitors, Tethrit Now opens the door to innovative customer interactions that drive higher Brand value.

Q: TethrIT Now’s Role: How TethrIT Now uses technology to foster, not substitute, human connections.

A: TethrIT Now is designed with the core principle of augmenting human connections, not replacing them. Through advanced technology, we empower individuals and teams to communicate more effectively, via live video & augmented reality to collaborate seamlessly, and enhance overall productivity. The platform serves as a facilitator, bringing people together through live Video connections and augmented reality tools needed to thrive in a digital environment without sacrificing the authenticity of human connections. When remote equipment fails, customers expect immediate resolutions, not automated AI chatbots. Tethrit Now combines the automation of AI along with the live human interaction between customer care & the customer in immediate need to ensure a positive outcome is delivered.

Q: Impact on Human Interaction: The ways VizaLogix’s technology is improving interactions in business settings and the implications for companies using it.

A: VizaLogix’s technology is a catalyst for positive change in business interactions. Consumer brand loyalty is at a 40-year low. Manufacturers & Distributors are operating inside a new paradigm here. Consumers are repeat buying based on experiences, not their parents’ & grandparents brand loyalty. By streamlining processes, fostering collaboration, and providing real-time insights, our Tethrit Now technology creates a more meaningful and valuable customer engagement experience to drive brand loyalty, inside a differentiated based service & support situation. Companies utilizing TethrIT Nows solution have increased their customer & brand loyalty while simultaneously reducing overall costs to support those same customers. Our customers are doing this today to also drive overall productivity increases within their customer support operations. The implications are profound, as businesses adapt to the demands of the digital age they’re now capable of evolving with AI without compromising the human-centric aspects of experience based support that we know are essential for successful differentiation. I struggle to validate & personally understand how companies are succeeding with AI only focused support & why they would choose to eliminate the value of the human interaction inside of the customer support experience.

Q: TethrIT’s Edge: The competitive advantages, real-world applications, and unique benefits of TethrIT Now.

A: TethrIT Now holds a competitive edge through its seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with a human-centric approach. Real-world applications span various industries, from streamlining internal communication to optimizing customer interactions. The platform’s unique benefits include enhanced collaboration, data-driven decision-making, along with an incredibly user-friendly interface, making it a valuable asset for organizations seeking to leverage technology while prioritizing the human element in their operations.

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