Accenture Bolsters Cybersecurity Offerings With Acquisition Of Leading Spanish Firm

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Accenture has acquired Innotec Security, a leading cybersecurity provider in Spain, gaining 500 experts and boosting Accenture’s presence, skills, and leadership in managed security services in the Spanish market and abroad, as the company continues its strategy of acquiring cyber firms to expand its capabilities and help clients build cyber resilience amid rising threats.

As cyber threats continue to mount globally, organizations must vigilantly strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities. Accenture is bolstering its cybersecurity arm with the strategic acquisition of Innotec Security, a prominent provider in Spain. This buyout significantly expands Accenture’s presence, skills, and market share in the Spanish cybersecurity arena.

The Growing Need for Cybersecurity

Accenture is a leading professional services firm that assists companies worldwide in building digital capabilities and optimizing operations. Its cybersecurity division offers end-to-end services spanning strategy, protection, resilience, and industry-specific solutions. However, with data breaches costing firms $4.35 million on average in 2022, demand for robust security has never been higher.

Introducing Innotec Security

Enter Innotec Security, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Madrid. Innotec has cemented itself as one of Spain’s foremost cybersecurity service providers. The company brings key strengths in threat simulation, detection, incident response, cyber risk assessments, and consulting. Innotec’s 500 cybersecurity experts serve major Spanish firms across sectors like finance, energy, logistics, healthcare, transportation, and the public sector.

Accelerating Accenture’s Presence in Spain

By acquiring Innotec Security, Accenture instantly gains greater scale and momentum in the Spanish market. The buyout adds 500 cybersecurity professionals to Accenture’s existing workforce of 20,000 experts globally. Accenture Security vaults into a top position among managed security service providers in Spain.

“Innotec Security is an excellent and well-regarded company in Spain with a highly skilled cybersecurity team, which will significantly enhance our security footprint in the market,” commented Paolo Dal Cin, Accenture’s global cybersecurity lead.

Enhancing Cyber Defense Capabilities

The acquisition notably boosts Accenture’s managed security services and cyber defense capacities. With cyberattacks growing more sophisticated, demand for managed security services is surging; this segment grew 14.3% in 2021 alone. Accenture Security is now primed to address the spike in client demand for cyber skills and expertise, both locally and worldwide.

“Our clients count on us to help them better protect and defend their enterprises across their entire ecosystem,” remarked Dal Cin. “Importantly, this acquisition will also expand our regional capabilities and resources.”

Continuing a Strategy of Market Leadership

Accenture Security already stands at the forefront of the cybersecurity space. The company ranked #1 globally in managed security services revenue in 2022, per tech research firm Gartner. Accenture also earned top honors as a Leader in a recent Forrester Research report on European security providers.

But the firm remains hungry for continued expansion and improvement. Since 2015, Accenture has acquired 19 cyber companies, ingesting new skills and specialties with each deal. Other key buys include Symantec’s cyber arm, giving Accenture a major boost in managed security; Sentor and Openminded for European coverage; and Morphus and Real Protect for Latin American reach.

“Becoming part of Accenture is an excellent opportunity for us to deliver even more value to our growing client base,” remarked Innotec CEO Félix Muñoz, “and we’re excited for the next steps on our journey together.”

Looking Ahead to Bolstered Cyber Defenses

With data breaches projected to occur every 2 seconds by 2025, cyber defense is more crucial than ever. Accenture’s acquisition of Innotec Security represents the next phase of growth in its strategy to sustain market leadership. Backed by Innotec’s talents and Spanish footprint, Accenture is ready to empower clients worldwide to innovate confidently and build cyber resilience.

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