Understory Introduces Renewable Energy Insurance with $15M Boost

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Understory secures $15 million in Series A funding to expand its innovative climate insurance solutions to the renewable energy sector, leveraging advanced weather prediction technology. By providing real-time data and early warnings, Understory helps mitigate risks and reduce costs for solar farms and auto dealerships. The company’s technology has already demonstrated significant savings in weather-related damages and continues to drive growth and innovation in climate risk management.

Unveiling Understory’s Next Big Move

Understory, a company known for its advanced weather tracking technologies, has secured $15 million in Series A funding. The funding round, co-led by True Ventures and Prelude Ventures, aims to support Understory’s expansion into the renewable energy sector. This funding comes on the heels of the company’s impressive 500% year-over-year growth.

Founded in 2014 by Alex Kubicek and Bryan Dow, Understory initially focused on deploying ground-level weather stations to collect real-time weather data. These weather stations, known as Dot, provide detailed information on wind, rain, hail, temperature, pressure, and humidity, offering crucial insights into weather patterns and risks. Over the past eight years, Understory has raised approximately $40 million in funding, enabling it to build comprehensive global catastrophe models.

From Weather Data to Insurance Pioneer

Understory’s journey began with the goal of enhancing weather prediction accuracy. By deploying Dot weather stations globally, the company amassed a significant amount of detailed weather data. This data was then used to create catastrophe models, which were validated by reinsurance partners. These partners encouraged Understory to commercialize its data, leading to the launch of data services and, eventually, insurance solutions.

Understory transitioned from providing weather data to becoming an insurance provider. This shift was facilitated by Neil Irwin, a senior executive from a leading insurance broker, who joined the company as co-founder and international president. Understory began offering parametric insurance solutions, which adapt to the growing threat of severe weather risks. One of their notable products is the Dealers Open Lot insurance solution, protecting U.S. auto dealers from weather-related damages. With nearly 1,000 locations covered, Understory has significantly reduced damages and losses for its clients.

The Role of Technology in Climate Insurance

Understory’s risk mitigation technology leverages real-time weather data to predict and manage risks effectively. The Dot weather stations collect data at an impressive rate of 125,000 measurements per second. This data helps forecast weather events with high accuracy, providing early warnings that allow clients to take preventive measures.

The technology has proven particularly beneficial for auto dealerships, enabling them to save millions of dollars by reducing damage from severe weather events. One client reduced hail damage costs from $110 million to $50 million through early warnings and proactive measures. This success highlights the potential of Understory’s technology in mitigating climate risks.

Understory’s new focus on the renewable energy sector aims to address the specific challenges faced by solar farms. By providing early warnings and detailed weather insights, Understory helps solar farm operators minimize damage and operational disruptions. This technological approach allows operators to adjust the position of solar panels, reducing the impact of hail and other adverse weather conditions.

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Renewable Energy Sector: A New Frontier

Understory’s expansion into the renewable energy sector represents a strategic move to address the vulnerabilities of solar farms and other renewable energy projects. Solar farms, often located in regions prone to severe weather, face significant risks from hail, wind, and other climatic events. Understory’s proprietary technology offers a solution by providing precise weather predictions and risk mitigation strategies tailored for the renewable energy industry.

The company’s technology can predict weather events with up to 45 minutes of notice, allowing solar farm operators to take preventive actions. For example, operators can adjust the angle of solar panels to minimize hail damage. This proactive approach can significantly reduce repair costs and operational downtime, turning potential multi-million dollar losses into manageable expenses.

Success Stories and Impact

Understory’s innovative approach has already demonstrated substantial benefits for its clients, particularly in the auto dealership sector. By offering parametric insurance solutions, Understory has helped auto dealers across the United States save hundreds of millions of dollars. The early warnings provided by the Dot weather stations have enabled dealerships to move vehicles under cover or take other protective measures, drastically reducing damage from hail and other severe weather events.

A notable success story involves a client who reduced hail damage costs from $110 million to $50 million by leveraging Understory’s early warning system. This not only saved the dealership a significant amount of money but also underscored the effectiveness of Understory’s technology in real-world scenarios. Additionally, the company has avoided ten major incidents, preventing approximately $3 million in potential losses.

The Future of Understory and Climate Insurance

Looking ahead, Understory plans to leverage its recent funding to further develop its technology and expand its services within the renewable energy sector. The company’s long-term vision includes broadening its reach to address various climate-related risks beyond solar farms. By continuing to enhance its weather prediction capabilities and risk mitigation strategies, Understory aims to provide comprehensive climate insurance solutions that can be adapted to various industries and geographies.

The new capital will be instrumental in supporting Understory’s growth and innovation efforts. The company intends to invest in advanced research and development to refine its technology and expand its data collection network. Additionally, Understory aims to forge new partnerships and collaborations to enhance its service offerings and reach a broader client base.

Revolutionizing Risk Management with Data-Driven Insights

Understory’s approach to climate insurance, grounded in advanced weather data and predictive analytics, sets a new standard in the industry. By leveraging real-time weather data, Understory provides actionable insights that help clients mitigate risks and reduce costs associated with severe weather events. The company’s expansion into the renewable energy sector underscores its commitment to addressing critical climate challenges and supporting sustainable energy solutions.

The success stories from auto dealerships highlight the tangible benefits of Understory’s technology, demonstrating its potential to transform risk management practices across various industries. As Understory continues to innovate and expand its services, it is well-positioned to lead the way in climate insurance, offering reliable protection against the ever-increasing threats posed by severe weather.

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