Top Ten Places To Visit In 2023

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You’ll hardly ever find anyone who doesn’t like to travel. Traveling to new, exciting places is a big dream and goal for most people, but too often most people are stumped as to where they should travel specifically. Here are some ideas as to where you can travel in 2023.

  1. Los Angeles, California

You can visit Los Angeles at any season of the year and be satisfied with what you find. Featuring the beautiful Southern Californian climate of everyone’s dreams, where the climate is pleasant all-year round,  and a wide array of places to visit in the city, like its stellar beaches, Hollywood, world-famous theme parks and not to mention an exciting night life, Los Angeles is a must for the traveling heart.

  1. The Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

This is a place that should definitely be more popular for people to visit due to its sheer beauty. The Bay of Kotor during summertime (from May till September) is a beautiful destination for anyone looking for a place to swim and enjoy nature. Featuring stellar, crystal clear beaches, island churches and monasteries, and a rich historical background, the Bay of Kotor is an underrated place to visit, but it’s one everyone should try to visit for sure.

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  1. Paris, France

This is the place most people dream of visiting at some point in their life. Featuring a large amount of cultural landmarks and architecture, like the Louvre Museum and the famous Eiffel Tower– if you haven’t considered visiting Paris at some point in your life you ought to make it a priority, especially if you love to travel.

  1. Kyoto, Japan

The popularity of anime has resulted in many people wanting to visit  Japan. Well, fret not. Even if you don’t watch anime, there are plenty of reasons to visit Japan. Kyoto is one of them.  Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto is now best viewed as the city containing the heart and soul of traditional Japan.  Famous for its ancient and cultural landmarks, like its Shinto shrines, imperial palaces, manicured gardens, and Buddhist temples, Kyoto is a lovely place to visit if you’ve got the time.

  1. Rome, Italy

Another famous destination to travel to, Rome is a must for those who like to travel. Rome contains some of the most famous historical landmarks in the world. Not to mention, nothing beats good Italian cuisine.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A well-known place to travel to, Brazil’s third most populous city Rio features pristine beaches and dazzling landscapes. Rio is known for its nature and outdoor life. Its trademark attribute is perhaps the Christ the Redeemer, located on Corcovado Hill. The Tijuca forest is another well-known place in this city.

  1. Greece, Athens

Another popular destination to visit, but with good reason. Like the Bay of Kotor, this is another great place to visit during summertime if you love beautiful nature and stellar beaches.

  1. Belgrade, Serbia

Another underrated place to visit on this list, Belgrade has the best nightlife Europe has to offer. Not only that, Belgrade has a multitude of cultural landmarks, like the Saint. Sava Orthodox Christian Church, the Kalemegdan Fortress and lots of wonders in nature. In a nutshell, there’s a lot to be gained from visiting Belgrade.

  1. Dubai, United State Emirates

Let’s be real. Everyone has wanted to visit Dubai at some point in their life. Featuring the tallest building in the world, stellar top-tier architecture,  and 1,000km of beaches to enjoy, Dubai will suit anyone’s traveling needs.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a major city in Turkey and used to be Constantinople, the capital of the former Roman Empire. Istanbul offers historical and cultural riches that can only be found in the city. Not to mention, it has a vibrant nightlife and delicious food to try out.

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At the end of the day, If you can’t afford to travel to these places on the list, then make it a priority to travel somewhere exciting near you!

Too often many people believe that traveling means they have go somewhere far away, to another country, or to spend a lot of money. This isn’t true. Sometimes traveling means exploring areas that are near you already. Visit cities, towns, events and places of culture that are near where you already are. Ask around, see if there are any interesting places to visit in the area in which you live.  If you’ve got the right mindset, you are guaranteed to find someplace exciting near you.

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