Think Of Soho Like The Tinder Of Real Estate

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Below is our recent interview with Jonathan Lui, CEO of Soho.

Q: What is Soho? Briefly describe how it works.

A: Soho is a personalised and interactive property search platform that uses machine learning to help you match with your dream home faster, whether you are looking for properties to buy or to rent. Users are able to set up a profile and search for properties based on their property preferences. Our platform will then continually customise your search results as well as your Property Match suggestions based on your interactions and shortlisted properties. Its completely free to use and also free to list for Agents

Q: How does your platform differ from traditional real estate platforms?

A: Soho is free to list in contrast to competitor platforms that are just “Sponsored Ads” platforms that charge you thousands of dollars simply to advertise your property on their website. These businesses are based on a legacy “paid classifieds” model and thus, when you are searching for your dream property, they will only show you properties in your search results in the order that they are paid to show you, not in the order that you want to see them

Q: How has COVID-19 affected on your platform?

A: In 2020 Soho actually grew significantly and there are hundreds of thousands of property seekers using Soho every month. There are also over 300,000 properties online that you can search on Soho

Q: What’s the best thing about Soho that people might not know about?

A: It’s completely free to use and by joining the community you can also stay up to date with news and insights posted from the community.

Q: Where do you see Soho in next six months?

A: Soho is growing very quickly and will have close to 90% of all properties listed in Australia in the near future. Being free to list, we are seeing agents sign up to Soho and this will continue to rise in the next 6 months and beyond.

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