The Problem In IT Hardware Sourcing

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In today’s day and age there are multiple vendors out there positioning quality IT products at a low price point and on hand stock. These various vendors can be misleading or not have the right infrastructure or procedures to truly deliver quality product and service. Vendors can range from brokers whom do not actually have stock, control of quality of product, proper shipping guidelines to one-time transactions via i.e. eBay with no recourse on warranty policies or follow up methods on support. Hula Networks recognizes IT infrastructure to be extremely important for our customers overall operations and growth. We take it very seriously as a trusted partner for your IT needs.

Hula Networks’ Solution

Hula Networks is established to address the requirements of IT data and storage for large enterprises, internet service providers, data center, hosting, and internet web centric companies.

Hula Networks has over 20 years of real world experience in the networking industry from technologies on the desktop all the way to the cloud. Our customers extend globally and typically their business model revolves around their IT infrastructure to deliver the services to their clients.

Hula Networks’ extensive knowledge and long term trusted network of resources allows us to deliver every time on our customer’s exact requirements. We realize in today’s era; quick response is key and accuracy is extremely important with consulting our customers with their IT needs. We have an extensive network of engineers specializing in various technologies to make sure we are providing the proper solution to customer always taking into account costs, scalability, and longevity for future needs.

We carry and have access to millions of dollars of on hand inventory that is tested and ready to ship immediately. General lead times to product being delivered to customer’s facility is 2-3 days based on shipping service desired. We have the capabilities of shipping globally and in corporate strict guidelines for packaging to make sure your product gets to you safe and in proper working order.

We will not be always the lowest price and cannot afford to lead that way.  When it comes to good quality and service we take pride in everything we do.  We will remain competitive on pricing and remain fair and up to date through our vast long term purchasing and global sourcing relationship and abilities. We work directly with our own customer base as well to form a Hula Networks supply and demand eco system. We will simultaneously work with our vast network of wholesalers, leasing companies and distributors to get you significant price reductions on our customers’ refurbished IT hardware. If we can save customers additional money, we will to ensure stability in customer and revenue growth. We are not looking for the one-time purchase, we are looking for partnerships with our customers where we can add value to their overall operations

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