Series: The Future Of ERP Systems With A $25M Boost

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Series - One platform

As businesses expand, they often grapple with the complexities of managing multiple legal entities, organizational structures, and the associated governance and compliance needs. With the average business maintaining a multitude of vendor relationships, the challenges of managing software tools and ensuring cost-effectiveness become paramount. Enter Series, a startup with a vision to revolutionize the way businesses handle their finance and operations.

The Birth of Series

Three innovative entrepreneurs, Brexton Pham, Daniel Lai, and Tamby Kojak, recognized the challenges businesses faced and Co-Founded Series. Their mission was clear: to provide a solution that centralizes and automates business finance and operations. With a whopping $25 million in funding from renowned ventures and angel investors, Series is poised to make a significant impact in the ERP space.

What Sets Series Apart?

Traditional ERP systems, while essential, are often cumbersome and challenging to implement. Series offers a fresh perspective by being modular. This means businesses can select specific capabilities tailored to their needs rather than investing in an entire system. As Brexton Pham, Series’ CEO, puts it, Series is like a menu of web apps, allowing businesses to construct their solutions as required.

Features Galore

From payroll and benefits orchestration to contract lifecycle management and treasury management, Series provides a plethora of ERP-like features. What’s more, these modules are built on a unified infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced security. The flexibility to incorporate external vendors or financial systems into Series’ platform further enhances its appeal.

The Road Ahead

With the foundational elements in place, Series aims to enhance the interoperability of its modules. The goal is to ensure that different services can communicate seamlessly, automating tasks and improving efficiency. The vision is clear: Series wants to be the go-to platform for businesses, handling all non-core activities in the background.

A Competitive Landscape

While Series faces competition from established ERP players and emerging startups, its unique selling proposition lies in its ease of setup and user-centric approach. As Pham points out, traditional ERP systems often require extensive transition periods and dedicated teams. In contrast, Series offers a diverse range of SaaS products, ensuring diversified revenue streams and high-margin recurring revenue.

In conclusion, Series is set to redefine the ERP landscape with its modular approach, comprehensive features, and user-centric design. With a solid foundation and a clear vision for the future, Series is undoubtedly a startup to watch in the coming years.

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