OhmniLabs Is Revolutionizing Hospital Disinfection With Its OhmniClean Robot

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Below is our recent interview with Dr. Thuc Vu, CEO & Co-Founder at Ohmnilabs:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company? 

A: OhmniLabs is a Silicon Valley robotics company that produces custom, purpose-built robots based on our modular robotics platform. We’ve been in business since 2015 and have made a name for ourselves by creating a unique, on-demand robot manufacturing model that allows us to design, engineer, and manufacture custom robots based on customer needs at unrivaled speed. Our telepresence and UV-C disinfection robots are used daily by hospitals, medical professionals, businesses, schools, and major sports teams around the world.

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Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?  

A: Our latest robot solution is called OhmniClean, the world’s lightest, most efficient autonomous UV-C disinfection robot. It delivers medical-grade disinfection and nearly zero downtime. Weighing just 59 pounds, OhmniClean is ideal for use in hospitals, schools, hotels, and other environments that require deep cleaning in high-touch, hard-to-reach places. OhmniClean aims to eliminate the risk of bacteria and viral transmission and can disinfect a 3,000 sq ft space in less than 15 minutes. 

We developed OhmniClean to address a critical need in the market for fast, simple, and effective disinfection. Independent testing shows OhmniClean rapidly eliminates pathogens like MRSA, VRE, and SARS-CoV-2 with an efficacy of 99.999%, helping to restore normalcy and address a critical need in the market.

Who is your primary target for OhmniClean?

OhmniClean is a superb solution for healthcare facilities since many are struggling to keep up with higher demands for disinfection using labor-intensive manual devices. Many sites were already doing 100-200 disinfections/day before the pandemic; the number has increased significantly. As a result, manual disinfection with chemical agents is no longer a viable option due to rising labor costs and labor shortages. Plus, manual methods leave messy chemical residue and miss up to 50% of surfaces. The results are inconsistent and unreliable. 

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Existing UV solutions act like lamps on wheels. With poor design from 5+ years ago, most are heavy (300+ lbs), bulky, difficult to operate, and expensive – costing up to $250,000/unit. Our solution, OhmniClean, addresses all of these shortcomings with features designed to cut costs while improving the health and safety of patients and staff. 

What can we expect from your company in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

Kaizen – continuous improvement – is one of our company’s core values. That’s why we’re always gathering customer feedback on our products and improving them to better meet their needs to help them achieve their goals faster. We’ve already developed our proprietary QuickMap™ feature and safety features that no other robots offer. Over the next 6 months, we will continue to innovate, working further toward our vision to create best-in-class human-centric robots.

What is one thing about your company that people might not know about? 

Most people are not aware that we 3D print many of the components or our robots right here in the United States – in Silicon Valley. In fact, it’s a key part of our design philosophy because additive manufacturing allows us to iterate much faster than traditional injection molding companies. 

While many robotics manufacturers are located overseas, we have developed an end-to-end modular approach to development that gives us tremendous flexibility in the design process and translates into lower costs for our clients. Our OhmniClean robot is competitively priced compared to other autonomous disinfection robots with a lot more features and benefits. For more information on features and pricing, please contact us.

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