Mujin’s Leap Forward: Securing $85M In Series C Funding For Robotic Automation

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Mujin, Japan’s rapidly expanding intelligent robotics firm, has successfully secured $85 million in its Series C funding round. This significant achievement underscores the company’s ascent to market leadership in the realm of robotic automation for manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain operations.

Key Investors in the Funding Round

The funding round witnessed participation from several prominent entities. Leading the round was SBI Investment Co., Ltd. from Japan. Other notable investors included Pegasus Tech Ventures from Silicon Valley, 7 Industries from the Netherlands, corporate investor Accenture, and esteemed angel investor Dr. James Kuffner.

Mujin’s Revolutionary Product: The MujinController

Central to Mujin’s offerings is the MujinController platform. This universal platform can transform industrial robots from any manufacturer into intelligent machines. These machines are then capable of automating a vast array of applications in manufacturing and logistics. With over a decade of market presence, Mujin is at the forefront of intelligent robotics, enabling industrial automation experts to innovate and design groundbreaking robotic applications.

Market Impact and Achievements

The MujinController, powered by Mujin’s advanced Machine Intelligence technology, has already revolutionized several challenging applications in modern manufacturing and logistics. Some of these include palletizing and depalletizing for varied SKU orders, precise picking for E-commerce order fulfillment, and metal bin picking for automotive parts.

Vision for the Future

Mujin envisions a future where automation is integral to all workplaces, enhancing efficiency and productivity. The company is dedicated to eradicating mundane and risky tasks, allowing workers to channel their energies into more meaningful pursuits. As Mujin embarks on this new growth phase, it remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver state-of-the-art automation solutions that redefine industries and boost operational efficiency globally.

Words from the Investors

Several investors expressed their confidence and excitement about Mujin’s future trajectory:

  • SBI Investment Co, Ltd. emphasized their pride in supporting Mujin, a symbol of Japanese high-end technology.
  • Pegasus Tech Ventures highlighted Mujin’s unique platform technology that has set them apart from competitors.
  • Accenture reiterated their collaboration with Mujin since 2019, focusing on revolutionizing the logistics and manufacturing sectors with AI and robotics.
  • 7-Industries recognized Mujin as a global leader in cutting-edge robotics and expressed their eagerness to support the company’s future endeavors.

About Mujin

Established in Tokyo in 2011, Mujin specializes in developing Machine Intelligence for robot controllers. These controllers serve as a common platform for both industrial and collaborative robots, particularly in logistics and pick-and-place applications. With a global presence, including offices in China and the U.S., Mujin collaborates with many of the world’s leading companies to simplify material handling applications, making them more precise and cost-effective.

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