Mopedo – Swiftly Evolving Bike-Taxi Service With Integration Of Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

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Below is our recent interview with Suja Rajan, Vice President of Mopedo.

Q: What is Mopedo? For those who have never heard of it, tell us something more?

A: Mopedo is a swiftly evolving Bike Taxi, food and goods delivery App with integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology. We facilitate a common man with end-to-end pickup and drop services. A superapp which gives 3 services in a click-provide customer easy commutation, have food while they travel and also deliver goods where they want. The footprints of mopedo are spanned across all major cities in South India. Using Mopedo bike taxi app, an individual can effortlessly reach their preferred destination safely and securely. Mopedo will be a great option to reach from one place to another without being struck in heavy traffic. Mopedo provides easy commutation, you can your meal on the go and we also deliver goods at your doorsteps

Q: Which services can you offer us?

A: When it comes to services offered by us, we are initially going with bike taxi services, later we want to extend with auto rickshaw and cab services. Apart from this, we are coming up with food delivery services and low weight goods delivery services within same city also.

Q: Why would somebody choose your company?

A: With growing concern for secured commute for any individual round the clock, we are coming with integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. The problems related to safety of women and children can be addressed by usage of salient features of Mopedo app like face recognition system, OCR (optical character recognition), AI enabled alert system.

Q: How are you funded?

A: To speak frankly, we are operating on self acquired funds of the founders, as a startup we do require more funds to expand the business operations and scale to profits. We are looking for some Institutional investors, Venture capitalists or Angle funding to further take the business to new heights.

Q: What can we expect from you later in 2021? What are your plans?

A: We are expecting to launch our Mopedo App in the mid of July or early August, the surge in covid19 cases, which may land in imposing of a further lockdown is bothering us, but we want to make advantage of this too, since most of people may not be moving out, we want to look for the alternate sources of revenue generation. As a plan B we are coming up with food delivery and goods delivery services to have a stable revenue generation. By the end of 2021 we want to be operational in at least 50 cities.

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