Matera’s Visionary Move: Acquiring Cinnecta To Revolutionize Instant Payments With AI

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Matera, a global frontrunner in instant payments, QR code, and digital ledger technology, has taken a significant step forward by acquiring Cinnecta, a leading-edge AI company from Brazil. Cinnecta is renowned for its innovative solutions in customer retention, loyalty, and enhancing digital experiences.

Why Cinnecta?

In the rapidly evolving world of AI, Matera has recognized the genuine capabilities of Cinnecta. After a meticulous year-long search, guided by insights from MIT Ph.D. consultants, Matera identified Cinnecta as the perfect AI solution provider that aligns with its vision. Cinnecta’s success is not just about its technology but also its team, which has been recognized as the “Best Place to Work” in its state and fifth in Brazil.

The Promise of Enhanced Client Experiences

The primary goal behind this acquisition is to provide clients with unparalleled value, especially in areas like client retention and transaction volume expansion. By joining forces, Matera and Cinnecta aim to deliver intelligent, actionable insights that will enable clients to offer a broader range of tailored products and services to their customers at the right moments.

Matera’s Commitment to Innovation

Carlos Netto, Matera‚Äôs Co-Founder and CEO, emphasized the company’s dedication to fostering the growth of Pix in Brazil and enhancing the financial ecosystem with innovation. “This integration aims to not only increase transaction volumes but also foster client retention and augment their business potential around Pix. With Cinnecta’s strategic support, we are fully equipped to implement this visionary approach,” Netto stated.

Cinnecta’s Legacy and Future with Matera

Cinnecta, based in Belo Horizonte, often referred to as Brazil’s AI Valley, has a rich history, especially with its association with Google’s pivotal R&D center in Brazil. Eduardo Ferreira, Cinnecta Co-founder and CEO, expressed his excitement about joining Matera, seeing it as an opportunity to apply their technology to transform the industry.

Seamless Integration and Continued Excellence

Both companies share many of the same clients, ensuring a smooth integration process. Existing customer relationships will remain unchanged, and they will continue to be served through Matera.

About Matera

With over three decades of experience, Matera stands as a pioneer in the fintech domain. Its solutions are trusted by top global banks, with operations spanning Brazil and the U.S. Matera is known for its innovative fintech applications, generating new revenue streams for clients.

About Cinnecta

Cinnecta is a data intelligence firm specializing in understanding customer behavior to identify opportunities for increasing lifetime value (LTV). Its platform transforms businesses’ approach to customer assessment, offering insights into campaign recommendations, credit analysis, upsell, cross-sell, and churn prediction.

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