Leverage Health – The Only Healthcare Venture Catalyst Driving Healthcare Strategy And Business Development

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Below is our interview with Barbara G. Evans, Creative Director at Leverage Health:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: Leverage Health is the only health care venture catalyst driving healthcare strategy and business development. We focus on delivering best-in-class services to the healthcare payer, provider, service company marketplace based on unique and unparalleled industry experience. Our team excels at understanding the needs of healthcare stakeholders such as payers, as well as the emerging trends in the vendor community.  

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement? 

A: Leverage Health announced the promotion of Mark Stryker to Executive Vice President. As the market’s only Venture Catalyst firm, Leverage Health continues to drive dramatic growth for the firm’s portfolio companies and executing on its mission to transform the U.S. healthcare industry.

Previously Mark served as Senior Vice President of Leverage Health’s Digital and Consumer portfolio companies.  This new role sees an intensified focus on these critical health care verticals, as well as expanded responsibilities for the company’s broad operational, marketing, promotion, and portfolio management processes across the broad Leverage Health portfolio.

Prior to joining Leverage Health four years ago, Mark was with GuideWell Connect where, among other responsibilities, he was the Chief Financial Officer & Chief Growth Officer.  Before Mark entered healthcare with Guidewell / Florida Blue he had a long history in FinTech & Consumer Tech and was CEO of capital markets trading firm CyBerCorp.com, now a part of Charles Schwab. The company says that the appointment is a reflection of Mark’s unique skills and record of success he brings to his work in healthcare.

“Mark’s experience as a healthcare executive in emerging technologies, and in financial services makes this new role a logical next step and promises great things for Leverage Health. His deep healthcare domain expertise, combined with his operational experience across an array of business industries and scales have played a crucial part in Leverage Health’s success.  Being able to work with multiple companies to best position them in their markets and then manage their growth, will support our business development initiatives on behalf of our portfolio companies,” says Richard Lungen, Founder and Managing Member of Leverage Health.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Take healthcare forward, and people’s lives get better. Leverage Health connects industry leaders like you with the aspiring innovators who can meet your toughest challenges.

New innovations emerge every day. But who knows which innovators to trust. We do. Leverage Health thoroughly vets every company and innovation we recommend, so that you get the best solution from the best provider. Our due diligence process, plus our longtime history with the industry makes us the go-to people for the leading firms in healthcare.

We vet innovative companies, then share their best-in-class solutions with leading companies like yours. These aspiring innovators often don’t have the connections to get their solutions to the right people. So we introduce them to industry leaders, like you, who need the solutions they’ve developed. It’s a win-win.

Because your challenges aren’t yours alone when we bring a solution to light, healthcare benefits as a whole.

Our end goal is always to see the lives of patients, everywhere, get better.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: New innovations emerge every day. But knowing which innovators have the right stuff is another story. Leverage Health thoroughly vets every company and innovation we recommend, so that stakeholders get the best solution. Our due diligence process, plus our longtime track record makes us the go-to people for industry-changing solutions.

We serve health plans, provider organizations, employers, and other industry stakeholders. Our process begins by identifying unmet needs. Then we find the innovators who can best meet them.

We’re embarking on a series of Subject matter Expert interviews and articles from our incredible team. Some will be appear in our special publication Leverage Insights and others will be shared through social channels.

Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Our team has connections at the highest levels across the industry. And while we carefully protect those relationships, this is great news for the companies we choose to work with and bring to market. It means those executives know, when we call, that we have a carefully vetted solution that directly addresses their most pressing problems.

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