Ivy’s Ambitious Leap: Securing $20M To Globalize Open-Banking Payments

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Ivy - Fewer middle men

The Open-Banking Revolution: A New Era for Payments

Open banking, a transformative approach where banks share their data via APIs to foster new financial services, is poised to disrupt traditional payment networks. Ivy, a Berlin-based startup, is at the forefront of this change, having developed an API that acts as a “network of networks” for global open banking payments. With a vision to replace established networks like Visa, Ivy’s platform aims to simplify and enhance the payment experience for users worldwide.

Addressing the Global-Local Disconnect in Open Banking

While open banking is gaining traction in various regions, most solutions are tailored for domestic transactions in single currencies. Ivy’s CEO, Ferdinand Dabitz, highlighted the need for a global perspective, emphasizing that interoperability is crucial for consumers. Ivy’s goal is to establish a single point of contact in open banking, similar to what Visa achieved for card payments.

The Funding Boost: A Vote of Confidence

Ivy’s recent announcement of a $20 million Series A funding round underscores the industry’s faith in its mission. This round, led by Valar Ventures, comes shortly after Ivy’s public disclosure of a $7.7 million seed round. The funds will bolster Ivy’s efforts to expand its merchant base and forge partnerships with banks across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other regions.

The Power of Partnerships: A Win-Win for PSPs

Ivy’s growth strategy involves collaborating with major payment service providers (PSPs) to enhance their open banking offerings. While PSPs traditionally focus on card payments, integrating open banking can provide them with a competitive edge. By partnering with Ivy, these PSPs can offer their customers a seamless open banking experience without diverting resources from their core operations.

The Future of Payments: Lower Fees and Enhanced User Experience

One of Ivy’s key selling points is its cost-effective payment solution. Merchants integrating Ivy’s API can offer their customers open banking payment options at fees lower than traditional card payments. Moreover, Ivy’s platform includes features like “smart routing” to optimize transaction speed and enhance user experience.

Ivy’s recent funding milestone and its vision for global open banking payments signal a promising future for the fintech industry. As Ivy continues to innovate and forge strategic partnerships, it is set to redefine the payment landscape, offering consumers and merchants a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

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