iPROM Independent Ad-Tech Stack: Pioneering Privacy-First Ad-Tech Solutions In The Adriatic Region

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Below is our recent interview with Simon Cetin, founder at iPROM:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to iPROM?

A: iPROM is a high-tech and consulting company that uses advanced advertising technologies to connect advertisers to their target audiences in the most efficient and innovative way. Our mission is to help advertisers better understand their audiences, design effective data-driven strategies and create campaigns that are relevant, attractive, and engaging. In doing so, we uphold the highest standards of privacy protection for internet users and manage the protection of brand equity. Our independent ad-tech solutions enable advertisers to increase the effectiveness of their data-driven advertising on the open web.

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Q: What makes iPROM unique as an ad-tech company in the digital advertising landscape?

A: We are confident that our distinctive combination of cutting-edge ad-tech solutions and unwavering dedication to efficient advertising on the open web sets us apart. This unique blend is the result of over 20 years of unwavering innovation and development. Bolstered by our steadfast commitment to maintaining our independence, we have firmly established ourselves as the unrivalled ad-tech provider in the Adriatic region.

Q: What is your company’s competitive advantage?

A: One of our key advantages is in-house development which gives us a strong differentiating advantage over our competitors. Consequently, clients that are not dependent on generic technology platforms have a tangible differentiating edge over their competitors. Use of our independent ad-tech solutions gives our clients data independence, provides a long-term competitive advantage, and ensures data protection against competitors while complying with European e-privacy legislation (GDPR, etc.).

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Q: Why do you believe companies should start using your services and products?

A: In the current data-driven landscape, putting privacy first in advertising is crucial. iPROM champions this by offering advanced ad-tech solutions that prioritize user privacy and data protection. iPROM Private DMP, our independent data management platform, stands apart from walled gardens by allowing advertisers greater control and independence over their data. This platform not only ensures data security and compliance but also enhances audience targeting with advanced segmentation. Complementing the iPROM Private DMP as a tool for audience management, our iPROM Programmatic Platform is the leading platform in the Adriatic region and empowers advertisers to fully realize the potential of their first-party data-driven campaigns in editorial media, thanks to efficient management and optimization.

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