Get-Optimal Closes Series A Funding With A Sizeable Equity Investment From Partners At Dreamlab Finance

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UK-based global technology company Get-Optimal has secured significant equity investment to accelerate its mission to optimise tens of millions of Job Ads globally for diversity, inclusion and SEO.

Partnering with the artificial intelligence and innovation agency The Data Analysis Bureau, Get-Optimal will launch and deploy their SaaS in late Q3 2021, integrating with leading programmatic platforms, CRMs and media platforms to optimise and automate Job Ads at scale, globally. This will enable employers and agencies to remove bias at the source.

Get-Optimal founder and CEO Daniel Fellows commented, “We’re thrilled to have found the right equity partners in Stuart and the Dreamlab Finance team to lead our Series A funding round. It’s one thing to take a sizeable equity investment, but finding a partner who shares our passion and mission to help recruiters and business owners change the way they hire to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace is something the team and I are very excited about. The investment will enable our R&D team, headed by Eric Topham at T-DAB, to build out our machine learning AI-driven SaaS that can be licensed globally to optimise tens of millions of Job Ads for diversity, inclusion and SEO.”

As a single-point solution, and often referred to as an affordable and UK-based Textio, Get-Optimal has an addressable marketplace of some 150m* Job Ads published globally each year. 

Stuart Drake from Dreamlab Finance stated, “We’re excited to be working with Daniel and his team. Daniel’s leadership, vision and drive are exactly what we are looking for in an entrepreneur. To then have that entrepreneur aligned with a business that has a global opportunity to improve the efficiency of the jobs market, helping to ensure that employers get the employees they need and employees get the jobs that they want in a diverse and inclusive way, is a perfect combination”.

Eric Topham, CEO of The Data Analysis Bureau, remarked, “We’re a strong believer in AI as a force for good using our 5EAI principles, which includes building ethical AI that enables the enhancement of people’s lives. Our work with Get-Optimal is an exciting opportunity to use AI to make a positive social impact. By delivering AI and NLP into a SaaS platform, we’re pushing the boundaries of current research and application to improve diversity and inclusion at a global scale”.

Get-Optimal core technology optimises Job Ads for diversity, inclusion and SEO using AI and ML. Endorsed by APSCo and working with direct employers, staffing agencies, CRMs, programmatic platforms and SMEs across four continents, you can be onboarded and optimising your first Job Ad in under 15 minutes.

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