Gaiia Secures $13M In Seed Funding: A New Era In Connectivity Operating Systems

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The world of connectivity operating systems (OS) is witnessing a game-changing moment with gaiia‘s announcement of a successful $13 million seed funding round. With backing from industry giants like YCombinator, Kima Ventures, and oxio alumni, gaiia’s potential to redefine the connectivity landscape is evident.

The Genesis of gaiia: Bridging the ISP OS Divide

The inception of gaiia is a tale of both inspiration and pragmatism, deeply rooted in the experiences of its CEO and Co-Founder, Marc-Andre Campagna. Having spearheaded oxio, one of Canada’s rapidly expanding ISPs, Campagna was no stranger to the hurdles of efficient ISP management. His vision was clear: to overcome the manual intricacies and the challenges of merging multiple software solutions. Thus, gaiia was born.

Marc-Andre Campagna reflects, “Recognizing the need for an operating system that could deliver outstanding digital customer experiences without compromising growth and profitability, we assembled a team of top-tier product managers, engineers, and business operators. Today, gaiia stands as the solution that we wish we had earlier at oxio. Now, we’re excited to extend this solution to forward-thinking Communication Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide.”

oxio’s Monumental $100M Exit

March 2023 marked a pivotal moment when Marc-Andre sold oxio for a staggering $100M to Cogeco Connection. This strategic move allowed gaiia to shift its focus entirely towards offering software solutions to ISPs across the globe. Following this transaction, oxio proudly became gaiia’s inaugural customer, further solidifying gaiia’s journey intertwined with oxio’s success.

The evolution of gaiia is deeply connected with oxio’s ascent. Designed to be the driving force behind oxio’s expansion, gaiia introduced operational efficiencies on a grand scale. Now, with a formal SaaS partnership in place, oxio stands as a testament to the unparalleled benefits gaiia brings to CSPs.

Global Empowerment of CSPs

The fresh infusion of $13 million will propel gaiia’s development trajectory and expand its integration library. This will enable gaiia to integrate CSPs more rapidly, offering customers an unmatched array of tools and adaptability compared to other market software.

Within a short span since its independence, gaiia has already made a mark by successfully integrating and adding immense value to numerous ISPs in the United States and Latin America. With a mission to emerge as the world’s premier network-agnostic OS for connectivity, gaiia envisions a future where every individual and their devices are effortlessly connected to the internet.

A Promising Horizon

“We’re excited to secure this funding, affirming our commitment to revolutionizing the connectivity software industry,” shares Marc, CEO and co-founder of gaiia. “Now, we’re meticulously expanding our customer base, collaborating with providers that resonate with our vision for growth, unparalleled customer experience, and groundbreaking technology.”

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