Framer Secures $27M To Revolutionize No-Code Web Design

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Amsterdam’s Framer, a pioneer in the no-code website building arena, has successfully secured $27 million in its latest Series C funding round. This move is set to further solidify its position in the market and expand its reach.

A Leap in No-Code Web Building

Framer, based out of Amsterdam, has successfully raised a whopping $27 million in its Series C funding round. With this, the total funding amassed by the company now stands at $87 million. The primary aim of this capital infusion is to scale its product and commercial teams, not just in Europe but also in the expansive US market.

Key Players in the Funding Round

The funding round witnessed leadership from Pigment and Personio backers, Meritech Capital. Notably, existing investors like Accel and Atomico also played a significant role in this round, showcasing their continued faith in Framer’s vision and potential.

The Genesis and Evolution of Framer

Framer’s inception can be traced back to 2015, thanks to the efforts of serial entrepreneurs Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk. Their previous venture, a software and interaction design company named Sofa, was acquired by the tech giant, Facebook. Framer started its journey as a unique tool catering to design, prototyping, and developer handoff. It served as a platform where diverse teams, ranging from designers to engineers, could collaborate seamlessly to craft digital products.

However, the journey didn’t stop there. Framer identified a significant challenge in the web design realm—the stark divide between design and build phases. Addressing this, Koen Bok stated, “Web design has traditionally been a two-step process: design and then build, which is both inefficient and time-consuming. With Framer, we’ve revolutionized this. You design, and we take care of everything else, from SEO optimization to global hosting. This is a game-changer for both large enterprises and individual designers.”

Impressive Growth and Market Reception

Since the launch of ‘Sites’ in the previous year, Framer has witnessed an impressive growth trajectory, accelerating at over 20% month-on-month. This innovative tool has garnered attention from industry giants like MessageBird, Twingate, and Superhuman.

Commenting on Framer’s success, Atomico’s Hillary Ball remarked, “Koen, Jorn, and the entire Framer team have consistently showcased design excellence, leading to the creation of a transformative product for web building. Framer’s ease of use, speed, and design flexibility stand out, making it a preferred choice for top designers. The phenomenal growth since its launch is a testament to its superior product and an exceptional team.”

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