Firedragon – Environmentally Friendly Firelighter And Fuel

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Below is our recent interview with Andrew Howell, managing director at FireDragon.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to FireDragon?

A: FireDragon are an eco-friendly and sustainable firelighter and fuel range made in Wales by BCB International. FireDragon fuel offers solid cube firelighters and bottles of gel fuel both that light instantly and that have been proven in tests to outperform competitors. The benefit of using FireDragon firelighters is that they don’t have the side effects that more traditional firelighters and fire starters have, such as of chemical smell, smoke, soot and toxicity to the user, their food or the environment. 

FireDragon is the world’s first solid bio-ethanol fuel dubbed the Firelighter of the future . FireDragon firelighters are made from vegetable waste unlike traditional fire lighters that are made from trees. FireDragon fuel believe in clean air and that forests should be left to flourish and mature, thus proving that a ‘rubbish idea’ could go a long way to save the planet.

There is no other fuel like it on the market it was created for military so it’s high performance, whether in driving rain, the freezing arctic or searing heat, the fuel will perform in extreme conditions.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?  

A: Increased visibility has meant that we have already had a couple of influential creatives and creators saying that they will take part in our video challenge.

Matt & Co Blog, Implausible Blog, Andy Froy and Austyn Farrell have all commented publicly on the post suggesting that they are entering the competition.

We can’t wait to see the FireDragon video adverts they come up with!

We have also had a very famous visitor the future king HRH Prince Charles came to join us last Friday.

FireDragon Fuel have set up a competition asking their customers to come up with the next video advert to be used on social media. There’s a cash prize of £2’000 and a year’s supply of FireDragon fire lighters for the winner. The winner will be selected by the senior management team and marketing team. Deadline is the 15th of June 2021; competition instructions are to enter post the video on your Instagram and to tag in @FireDragon_fuel use the hash tags #FireDragonFuel #LightItUp

The brief is about bringing people safely back together, to get creative, make it inclusive for everyone and to embrace British Summer BBQ fun.

“The last 12+ months with the pandemic have been really hard on everyone. Chefs, creatives, and creators have struggled with maintaining work and wellbeing. We wanted to do something fun that supported these individuals across Britain and helped highlight their talent. Forbes recently talked about creativity being the most coveted skill of the future with the advancement of artificial intelligence automating so many jobs. I feel that Britain needs more creatives, more inventors to solve the world’s problems. We want to raise awareness and do something that can help spark joy for our customers.”

Sian Gunney Marketing and PR Manager BCB International

Q: What can we expect from FireDragon in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: To increase our stockists and continue to drive brand awareness. The more brand awareness we create the more chance we have of customers choosing FireDragon to use at their BBQs and garden gatherings around a firepit. This small change in consumerism could go a long way to saving the planet. 

We want to run a creative challenge around every fire season BBQ Season March -September,  Bonfire season October and November Romantic log fire and firepit season January-February (so who knows what will be next! but we will keep you posted!)

Q: What is the best thing about FireDragon that people might not know about?

A: BCB International estimates that the British Army have saved over 10 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide since it was first introduced in 2016, after making the switch from the old fossil fuel Hexi to the cleaner, eco-friendly FireDragon firelighters and fuel range.

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