Fingerprint Secures $33M In Series C Funding To Boost Enterprise Device Intelligence And Counteract Fraud

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Fingerprint, recognized as the globe’s premier device intelligence platform, has successfully secured a whopping $33 million in its Series C funding round. This round was spearheaded by Nexus Venture Partners and saw significant participation from Uncorrelated Ventures.

Rapid Identification with Fingerprint

Fingerprint’s platform stands out due to its unparalleled accuracy, boasting the capability to identify a staggering 99.5% of recurring users in a mere 500 milliseconds. This rapid identification process is pivotal for developers, enabling them to seamlessly discern between genuine users and potential fraudsters. With this fresh influx of funds, Fingerprint’s total financial backing has now reached $77 million.

The Imperative of Device Identification

Dan Pinto, the Co-Founder and CEO of Fingerprint, emphasized the growing significance of precise device identification. He highlighted the challenges faced by companies, stating, “With the gradual death of cookies and proliferation of VPNs, high accuracy device identification has never been more important. Companies battle sophisticated attacks from online fraudsters while needing to ensure their trusted customers have a frictionless experience.”

Fingerprint’s Expanding Influence

Since its previous funding round in 2021, Fingerprint has witnessed substantial growth. This can be attributed to its effortless integration and immediate value proposition for new clientele through its API and comprehensive documentation. Industry giants such as Dropbox and Neiman Marcus have placed their trust in Fingerprint’s technology for various purposes, from thwarting account takeover attempts to crafting personalized experiences for their elite customers.

A Modern Utility for the Digital Age

Abhishek Sharma, the Managing Director of Nexus Venture Partners, lauded Fingerprint’s contributions, labeling it as a modern utility essential for the digital economy to combat fraud. He expressed his admiration for the product’s consistent ability to offer a return on investment that’s more than tenfold for its users.

Fingerprint’s Unique Approach

Unlike its competitors, Fingerprint’s persistent visitor identifier is dynamic, constantly evolving to maintain its accuracy even when browsers undergo updates. This comprehensive view of users, irrespective of their login status or attempts to hide their identity, empowers companies to enhance fraud detection and user experiences.

Future Endeavors with the New Funding

The recent funding is set to propel Fingerprint’s adoption among larger enterprise clients, a segment that has been instrumental in the company’s recent growth trajectory. Fingerprint is poised to develop innovative tools and capabilities to address intricate challenges in device identification.

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