Fandom Is A Fan’s Companion In Exploring and Engaging Their Favorite Fictional Worlds

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Below is our recent interview with Rachelle Savoia, Vice president of communications at Fandom:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: Fandom is the world’s largest fan platform where fans immerse themselves in imagined worlds across entertainment and gaming. Reaching more than 315 million unique visitors per month and hosting more than 250,000 wikis, is the #1 source for in-depth information on pop culture, gaming, TV and film, where fans learn about and celebrate their favorite fandoms. Fandom’s Gaming division manages its direct-to-consumer subscription businesses including the leading tabletop role-playing-game platform Dungeons & Dragons Beyond, which has more than 8 million registered users, and the online video game retailer Fanatical. Fandom Productions, the content arm of Fandom, enhances the fan experience through curated editorial coverage and branded content, its Emmy-nominated Honest Trailers and the weekly video news program The Loop.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Fandom launched a community blog letting our members know about the Design-A-Gown partnership and contest as well as the website where fans can participate to design their own hospital gown.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: As part of its recent brand launch, which includes a fresh new logo and tagline – For the Love of Fans – Fandom launched a two-month long celebration highlighting the biggest franchises and fan communities including Star Trek, Star Wars, The Last of Us, The Elder Scrolls, and Resident Evil™. Beginning August 23 and running through October, Fandom will launch the first of nine weekly fan giveaway contests, where fans will get the chance to win one-of-a-kind pieces of art tied to their favorite franchises, created in partnership with influential fan artists. Fans can enter to win the one-of-a-kind piece of artwork by showcasing their deep passion & connection to their fandom on social media with a story, photo or video proving why they’re the ultimate fan of that franchise and tagging @getfandom with the hashtag #fortheloveoffans on Twitter or Instagram. Each week, Fandom will partner with social influencers to promote the contest, ensuring fans from all corners of the world get the chance to celebrate their fandoms.

Fandom’s continued efforts in online trust & safety and ensuring our online community and content creators are working to make Fandom a place of belonging for everyone, of which Fandom is one of the leaders in this charge. In order to ensure Fandom is a safe and welcome place for everyone, in spring of 2021 Fandom put together a fifteen-member panel to discuss how we can best guide our communities on the topic of gender identity. This panel was staffed by a diverse set of individuals – including members of the non-binary and transgender communities. This panel also included outside experts with lived experience in this particular topic. In June, we launched our LGBTQIA+ Community Guidelines which provided better online trust and safety measures within our 250,000 Wiki Communities, in an effort to make Fandom a more welcoming and safe environment for people of all orientations and gender identities.

This past week, Fandom released updated best practices & guidelines for dealing with gender identity in Fandom communities. This includes an official style guide, key definitions, and guidelines for the use of pronouns. You can find them here: guidelines.

In October, Fandom will host its third annual State of Fandom event, which is a deep dive into the mindset of fans using our first party data and insights to tackle topics relevant to the entertainment and gaming industry. It will identify overarching trends and key findings in TV, gaming, film and streaming.

Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Fandom is one of the largest digital media companies, with both massive scale and engagement, making it an entertainment powerhouse.

· Fandom reaches more than 315 million people globally every month
· Fandom is the second youngest site in the US with a median age of 29 (within comScore Top 100)
· Fandom ranks #10 on ComScore’s top 100 websites for Total Pageviews (engagement)
· Fandom ranks #21 on ComScore’s top 100 for Total Minutes Spent (engagement)
· Fandom ranks #26 on ComScore’s top 100 websites for Total Audience (scale)

Fandom is the world’s largest fan platform with the deepest treasure trove of immersive information on everything you can imagine in entertainment & gaming.

Fandom is an entertainment powerhouse – 315 million unique visitors each month, more than 250,000 fan-powered communities, and over 30 million pages of content that get a combined 30 billion pageviews each year

With immersive 1st party, proprietary data, Fandom offers studios, partners, and advertisers deep contextual and behavioral data for precise targeting on their media campaigns

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