Extendly’s Strategic Acquisition Of SaaS Boltons: A New Era For HighLevel Users And SaaS Businesses

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A Game-Changing Acquisition

Extendly, a prominent provider of white label support services tailored for marketing agencies and SaaSprenuers, has recently announced its acquisition of SaaS Boltons. This platform is specifically designed for HighLevel users and SaaS businesses. This acquisition underscores Extendly’s dedication to providing ambitious entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and support, ensuring they thrive in their ventures.

Empowering HighLevel Users

Extendly’s primary objective is to bolster HighLevel users on their platform by introducing turnkey services. These services encompass 24/7 Branded WhiteLabel Support and the groundbreaking SaaS Agency In A Box System. By offering these all-encompassing solutions, Extendly significantly amplifies the likelihood of success for entrepreneurs, allowing them to tap into their utmost potential.

Leadership Insights

Antoni Hoshino, the CEO of SaaS Boltons, conveyed his excitement about the merger, emphasizing the potential to build a more robust community for HighLevel users and SaaS businesses. He highlighted the platform’s commitment to offering a space where users can explore and evaluate a plethora of tools to optimize their business operations. With Extendly’s backing, SaaS Boltons aims to broaden its services, introducing invaluable resources like Virtual Assistants and snapshots.

On the other hand, Beant Singh, Extendly’s CEO, shared his vision of a future where SaaSprenuers, starting from scratch, can revel in their achievements alongside fellow HighLevel users at the Level Up Summit. He envisions them receiving SaaSprenuer awards, emphasizing Extendly’s mission to offer everyone an equal opportunity at success, regardless of their initial resources.

SaaS Boltons: A Hub for Growth

SaaS Boltons is set to become an invaluable asset for businesses listed on its platform. It will offer data insights, messaging features, and options for paid profile enhancements, such as “validated” listings. The platform aims to serve as a nexus where HighLevel users and SaaS businesses can interact, exchange experiences, and collectively foster growth and success.

About the Companies

  • Extendly: A leading provider of white label support services catering to marketing agencies and SaaSprenuers. Extendly’s mission revolves around leveling the playing field for HighLevel users, equipping them with comprehensive solutions and support.
  • SaaS Boltons: A platform dedicated to HighLevel users and other SaaS businesses, offering a range of tools to enhance business operations and fostering a community for shared experiences and insights.

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