Entro Security Raises $18M Series A To Enhance Non-Human Identity Management

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Entro Security secures $18 million in Series A funding to expand its platform for managing and securing non-human identities, such as API keys and service accounts. The platform automates lifecycle management and provides real-time detection to mitigate security risks, addressing the growing vulnerabilities in IT environments. This investment will enhance Entro’s capabilities and support its global operations amidst increasing demand.

The Rise of Non-Human Identities in Cybersecurity

Non-Human Identities (NHIs) play a crucial role in modern cybersecurity. These digital identities encompass API keys, service accounts, tokens, and certificates, which are essential for various automated processes in IT environments. The significance of NHIs has grown with the rapid adoption of cloud and SaaS solutions, leading to an exponential increase in their numbers. This proliferation, while beneficial for operational efficiency, introduces significant security risks. Unmanaged NHIs can lead to vulnerabilities, making them attractive targets for cyber attackers.

The necessity for robust NHI management is underscored by industry statistics. NHIs now outnumber human employees by a staggering 45 times. This imbalance creates a security gap that manual processes cannot effectively address. Attackers exploit these unmanaged identities, leading to high-profile breaches such as the recent Dropbox incident. The challenge lies in securing and managing these identities throughout their lifecycle, from creation to eventual deprecation, without human intervention.

Entro Security: A Pioneer in NHI Management

Entro Security has emerged as a leader in the field of NHI management. Founded with a clear mission to secure non-human identities, the company has made significant strides since its inception. Entro’s platform is designed to address the complex challenges associated with NHI security, offering comprehensive solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures.

The Entro Security platform boasts a range of features tailored to secure and manage NHIs. It provides complete visibility into the lifecycle of each NHI, from creation to storage and exposure across various systems. The platform enriches data with business context, helping organizations understand permissions, usage patterns, and rotation schedules. This centralized approach allows for the identification and prioritization of security risks, enabling prompt remediation of vulnerabilities. Real-time detection and response capabilities ensure that any abnormal behavior is immediately addressed, preventing unauthorized access and potential breaches. By automating these processes, Entro’s platform not only enhances security but also saves valuable time and resources for IT teams.

The $18M Series A Funding: A Game-Changer

Entro Security recently secured $18 million in a Series A funding round, a significant milestone that underscores the company’s growing influence in the cybersecurity landscape. This round was led by Dell Technologies Capital, with contributions from seed investors Hyperwise Ventures and StageOne, as well as notable angel investors including Rakesh Loonkar and Mickey Boodaei. Prior to this, Entro had raised $6 million, bringing the total capital raised to $24 million since it exited stealth in May 2023.

The infusion of $18 million will be strategically utilized to scale global operations and expand the platform’s capabilities. Entro aims to meet the increasing demand for its solutions across various industries, driven by the critical need to secure NHIs. The funding will support efforts to enhance the platform’s features, ensuring it remains at the forefront of NHI management technology. Additionally, Entro plans to broaden its market reach, leveraging this investment to solidify its position as a leader in the cybersecurity domain.

The Growing Threat Landscape and Entro’s Response

The rise in non-human identity usage has led to an increase in security breaches targeting these entities. Notable cases, such as the Dropbox breach, highlight the vulnerabilities associated with unmanaged NHIs. These breaches often exploit common attack vectors, including exposed API keys and unmonitored service accounts. The sheer volume of NHIs makes manual oversight impractical, necessitating automated solutions.

Entro Security’s platform provides a robust response to these threats. It features real-time detection and response capabilities, ensuring continuous monitoring of NHIs for any abnormal behavior. The platform automates the entire lifecycle management process, from creation to rotation, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Additionally, it offers compliance with regulatory requirements like SOC2 and GDPR, maintaining robust access controls and security measures. By integrating seamlessly with existing systems, Entro’s platform provides a unified view of all NHIs, centralizing security efforts and enhancing overall resilience.

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Industry Recognition and Customer Success

Entro Security has garnered significant industry recognition, underscoring its impact in the field of cybersecurity. The company has been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner and recognized as Venafi’s Most Promising Machine Identity startup. Additionally, Entro won the Globee Award for Startup Achievement of the Year, further validating its innovative approach to NHI management.

Customer testimonials highlight the platform’s effectiveness in real-world scenarios. Companies like Booking, SolarWinds, Elastic, KAYAK, and Regatta have successfully integrated Entro’s solutions into their operations. These organizations report substantial improvements in their ability to manage and secure NHIs, citing the platform’s advanced capabilities and seamless integration as key benefits. For instance, Regatta, a leading outdoor brand, has found Entro’s tools essential in enhancing their cloud security practices, recommending the platform to any company looking to secure their NHIs and secrets comprehensively.

The Future of Non-Human Identity Security

The future of cybersecurity will be heavily influenced by the management of non-human identities. As cloud and SaaS adoption continues to rise, so will the prevalence of NHIs. This trend necessitates advanced, automated solutions to manage these identities securely. Entro Security is well-positioned to lead this charge, continually enhancing its platform to meet evolving security challenges.

Market trends indicate a growing awareness and prioritization of NHI management among organizations. Cybersecurity strategies are increasingly focusing on proactive measures to secure NHIs, driven by the recognition of their critical role in IT infrastructure. Entro’s vision for the future includes the development of new features and capabilities that will further strengthen its platform, ensuring it remains a key player in the cybersecurity landscape. The company aims to continue its growth trajectory, expanding its reach and impact across the industry.

Final Thoughts on Entro Security’s Impact

Entro Security’s recent $18 million Series A funding round marks a significant step in enhancing non-human identity management. The platform’s comprehensive approach to securing NHIs addresses a critical need in modern cybersecurity, providing organizations with the tools to manage these identities effectively. The industry recognition and customer success stories underscore the platform’s value, highlighting its advanced capabilities and seamless integration.

As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, the importance of proactive NHI management cannot be overstated. Entro Security’s ongoing advancements contribute to the broader resilience of IT systems, ensuring that non-human identities are secured and managed efficiently. This strategic focus not only enhances organizational security but also sets a new standard for NHI management in the industry.

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