Create, Erase, And Create Again With nuka Eternal Stationery

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While paper notebooks are certainly portable and easy to use, they are not always the most reliable way to take notes. They can be damaged by water or other elements or fade by time, making them difficult to read. Additionally, paper notebooks can be difficult to organize, making it difficult to find specific notes later on.

sustainability is another issue to consider with paper notebooks. Once a paper notebook is filled, it can be difficult to reuse. Additionally, the production of paper notebooks generally requires trees to be cut down, which is not always sustainable.

Overall, paper notebooks are not the most reliable or sustainable way to take notes. There are many other options available that are more durable and environmentally friendly.


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On the other hand nuka eternal stationery allows you to create, erase and create again with rewritable notebook & metal pencil ensuring you don’t need another notebook ever again. nuka has waterproof design and durable paper inside notebook made for eternal lifecycle.

The nuka metal pencil can be used to write like a regular pencil, or with a pen, and anything can be erased. The eternal pencil writes with metal that doesn’t run out and needs no sharpening, and leaves an oxidized mark on the paper that looks like a regular pencil mark. The nuka app can be used to transfer notes to digital before erasing them, simply by scanning them.

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