Bellylabs Dog Pregnancy Test Is The First Ever Early Detection Rapid Test For Home Use

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The story of Bellylabs started with a rather simple thought we had: there has to be a better way! We had been breeding dogs for quite a while and always found ourselves coming back to the same question. Finding out if our dogs had gotten pregnant was always a huge deal. Months, if not even years, of planning and hoping of the opportunity to see the next generation of your work. We wanted to find a easier more convenient and a less stressful way of being sure.

At that point, we had also understood that dog pregnancies were social events. As future puppy owners were often anxious to know if our dogs were pregnant yet and if the litter would be born soon. Those were questions begging to be answered, and we really wanted to satisfy the curious minds asking them.

After mulling things over for a bit, we ended up doing some preliminary research on the relaxin hormone. That led to early-stage product development. And suddenly the initial idea we had was turning into a reality. There indeed was a better way to do things, and Bellylabs would be our way to make sure everyone would have an opportunity to benefit from it.

We officially started the company in 2017 and the idea that had sparked it quickly started to grow into something even bigger. Operating out of our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, we are now determined to offer a more complete range of health and wellness testing products for pets – making at-home testing available to breeders and other pet owners everywhere.

– Highlights from the launch: +130 million people international reach in only two hours, products sold globally already and many new retailers and distributors contacting us willing to co-operate

No other home-use rapid pregnancy tests for dogs exist, so we are creating a brand-new category for the global market. Bellylabs Pregnancy Test for dogs is our first product, and we see a vast potential in introducing new health tech for testing pets at home.

Our goal is to go global immediately, we were born international. This means working with the best veterinary clinic and pet specialty chains and helping breeders through our insights, inspiration, tips and educational material online at our website. 

The founding story of Bellylabs is our core and heart  – it all started from the breeders and their everyday challenges. Our mission is to bring easy pet health testing everywhere.

Written by Jarno Kukila
Chief Executive Officer at Bellylabs.

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