Autify Secures $13 Million Series B Funding And Launches AI Agent Zenes

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Autify secures $13 million in Series B funding to expand into the Korean market and partners with LG CNS. They introduce Zenes, an autonomous AI agent designed to automate software quality assurance processes, significantly reducing test case creation time. This development highlights the transformative potential of AI in enhancing productivity and accuracy in software testing.

Revolutionary Funding Boost for Autify

Autify, a San Francisco and Tokyo-based company, recently announced the successful completion of its Series B funding round, securing $13 million. Leading this round were Globis Capital Partners and LG Technology Ventures. Other significant contributors included WiL, Salesforce Ventures, Archetype Ventures, and Uncorrelated Ventures. This funding aims to fuel Autify’s strategic goals, focusing on expansion into the Korean market and enhancing collaboration with LG CNS.

Meet Zenes: The AI QA Engineer

Autify introduced Zenes, an autonomous AI agent designed for software quality assurance. Zenes functions as an AI QA engineer, capable of generating test cases by analyzing product requirement documents, writing automated test codes, and maintaining these codes automatically. This innovative approach has demonstrated substantial efficiency improvements, reducing the time spent on creating test cases by 55%. Users can upload their product requirement documents in various formats, and Zenes generates outlined test cases. After user edits, Zenes produces automated test codes in Gherkin format, which can be further refined using generative AI-powered code completion.

The Future of Software Quality Assurance

AI’s integration into software development processes is transforming the industry. Zenes exemplifies this shift, showcasing its potential to redefine quality assurance. By automating tedious tasks, Zenes allows QA teams to focus on more complex and creative aspects of software testing. The application of AI in QA enhances productivity and ensures higher accuracy in testing processes, paving the way for more reliable software products.

Key Features of Zenes:

  • Analyzes product requirement documents
  • Generates test cases
  • Writes and maintains automated test codes
  • Reduces test case creation time by 55%
  • Supports multiple document formats
  • Provides generative AI-powered code completion

Autify’s strategic expansion into the Korean market highlights the growing demand for advanced QA solutions. The collaboration with LG CNS signifies a pivotal step in Autify’s growth trajectory, reinforcing its commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI-driven quality engineering platforms.

Strategic Expansion and Market Impact

Autify’s expansion into the Korean market represents a strategic move to tap into a region known for its robust technology sector. Partnering with LG CNS, a major player in IT services, will likely enhance Autify’s reach and capabilities. This collaboration is expected to foster innovations in quality engineering, leveraging LG CNS’s extensive network and technological expertise. Autify’s focus on Korea, alongside its existing strongholds in the US and Japan, positions it well to cater to a global market demand for AI-powered QA solutions.

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Autify’s Mission and Vision

Autify’s core mission is to enhance human creativity through technology. Since its establishment in 2016, Autify has consistently aimed to simplify and optimize software testing processes. The platform has been adopted by numerous global enterprises across various sectors, including DeNA, NEC, NTT Smart Communication, Yahoo, ZOZO, and Q4. These organizations rely on Autify to streamline their software testing, overcoming common challenges such as resource constraints and the time-consuming nature of test creation and maintenance. Autify’s generative AI solutions address these pain points, enabling development teams to focus on innovation and quality.

The Broader Implications of Generative AI in QA

Generative AI, as exemplified by Zenes, holds significant implications for the software industry. By automating repetitive and time-intensive tasks, generative AI empowers QA teams to concentrate on more strategic and creative endeavors. This shift not only enhances efficiency but also improves the overall quality of software products. The broader impact of generative AI includes:

  • Increased productivity and reduced operational costs
  • Enhanced accuracy and reliability in software testing
  • Accelerated development cycles
  • Greater focus on innovation and user experience

As generative AI continues to evolve, its applications in quality assurance are expected to expand, offering new opportunities for advancements in the field.

Final Thoughts on Autify’s Innovations

Autify’s recent funding and the launch of Zenes mark significant milestones in the company’s journey. The $13 million Series B funding will fuel strategic expansions and partnerships, particularly in the Korean market. Zenes, with its autonomous capabilities, is set to revolutionize software quality assurance, offering substantial efficiency gains and improved testing accuracy. Autify’s commitment to enhancing creativity through technology remains at the forefront of its mission, driving continuous innovation in the QA landscape. As the industry evolves, keeping an eye on Autify’s progress and contributions will be essential for understanding the future of AI-driven quality engineering.

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