An Interview With Loïc Michel, Chief Executive Officer At 365Talents

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Below is our recent interview with Loïc Michel, Chief Executive Officer at 365Talents:

Loïc Michel - CEO at 365Talents

Q: Can you give us a brief overview of your company?

A: 365Talents is a French scale-up that enables the HR departments of major international groups to quickly identify the skills of their employees and match them with in-house opportunities: positions, training, assignments, coaching, etc.

Q: What makes your company unique?

A: Our Skills Intelligence technology is unique on the market. Based on proprietary artificial intelligence coupled with generative AI, 365Talents provides specialised semantic analysis to detect and understand skills in their context (job descriptions, HRIS data, etc.). 365Talents is a technology, but it’s also a methodology, an approach that accompanies the tool and helps companies transform themselves into companies that capitalise on the skills of their employees.

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Q: How will you convince readers to start using your services?

A: 87% of employees consider professional development to be important when choosing a company to work for. Yet 6 out of 10 employees don’t think they have any development opportunities within their current company. Companies need to open up the field of possibilities to all their employees, and our solution enables them to do just that.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add or highlight?

A: Flexibility in the implementation of our solution is a feature that sets us apart from the market: we can either be a platform used by all employees with our modern, engaging interface, or we can fully integrate with your existing ecosystem and interface and boost it by becoming the technology engine (via our API-first offering).

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