Acadex Network Is Pioneering Decentralized Education

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Brief introduction to the Acadex Network

The goal to substantially close the gap in accessibility, gender inclusiveness, equitability and a host of other global quality education plaguing deficiencies, spurred the conception of the Acadex Network. These, in full correspondence with the UNESCO’s SDG4 2030 actualization plan, has kept the Acadex foundation on its toes to remedy these inadequacies that have stretched for decades.

Pioneering Decentralized Education (DeEd) and utilizing  blockchain, smart exchange, decentralized finance, NFT, and the all new Proof of Knowledge (PoK), are formidable means this revolutionary network wishes to reify the global education quality. 

Acadex’ groundbreaking decentralized study-media is one of its eco-structures used to tackle unfavorable government education policies, stigmatization, course timeline inflexibility, and religious inhibitions, that have limited contemporary learning. AcadFunjies, another scintillating hub of the network, permits NFT certificate minting, at the completion of study programs, to curb forgery or misrepresentation. Not only that, intellectual property copyrighting and authentication of scholastic original works would be effectuated by this sub structure this a first for blockchain and global education.  As it pertains to the vast case of education unaffordability, the Acadex Network slates to premier blockchain’s first Proof of Knowledge (PoK) consensus. Fulfilled by AcadRewards, wherein learners plough back ACDX tokens for diligent study completion, Acadex Network facilitates a study pool redistribution and crypto cash-back. AcadBooks features an NFT personalized and public library. Whilst AcadLoans poses to grant the most subsidized crypto-backed student loans and payment plans to learners, whenever they collateralize the $ACDX token. The network also houses AcadPay, AcadTix, AcadChain, AcadLabs and the Acadex’ Decentralized Exchange (AcaDEX), to foster unhinged learning backed by decentralization. To a great extent, Acadex Network is on a path to upscale the quality of global learning. 

Highlights of recent private sale announcement

Recently, and as announced, the Acadex Network just successfully concluded its private seed rounds with $1.35m raised. Valid investment interests shown towards the network by somewhat prominent CeFi & DeFi heavyweights, alongside well meaning corporates, sparked the need for quite the sizable private sale. Since the network was thoroughly keen to avert any centralized control of the supply, only 90,000,000 ACDX tokens were defiantly up for private offering, as the closed door bidding were remarkably oversubscribed. Token allotments were also prudently allocated to choice candidates. At curtain close, these accrued amount inadvertently presented a liquidity boost for administrative operations and marketing campaigns leading to the forthcoming IDO. 

Insights on the Acadex offering

The sessionally audited and tenable ACDX token is a multi-chain deployed token for all educational fulfillment and study extra-curricular processes. The ACDX token is equipped with holders utility like trade, swap, stake, liquidity provision and rewards acquisition. 

The ACDX allocation would be primarily partitioned into Administrative and Public Funds, split at 50% each, only a 40% gross portion would be up for direct public acquisition. This also includes an additional 10% that would fulfill a decade long Reserve Trust.

A categorical breakdown of these allotment splits would entail:

  1. Private Sale: 9% ~ 90M ACDX. This allotment caters for the exclusive seed fundraising from strategic investors. 
  2. Airdrop: 1% ~ 10M ACDX. This allotment caters for token reward disbursements for community promotional service. Non-disbursed tokens in this batch are to be burnt.
  3. Public Sale: 40% ~ 400M ACDX. This allotment caters for the Initial Dex Offerings. Unsold tokens in this batch are to be burnt. 
  4. Initial Exchange Liquidity: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for foremost liquidity provision on PancakeSwap, Probit, Hotbit, HitBTC, Changelly and others. 
  5. Ecosystem Fund: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for ecosystem products development, deployment and legal. 
  6. Marketing and Bounty: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for marketing campaigns, PR runs, partnership fulfillments, administrative contracting and bounty rewards. 
  7. Team & Foundation: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for remunerations, welfare and statutory holdings of our sedulous team members and founders. 
  8. Reserve: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for any supply allocation deficit and market stabilization protocols. 

Now, some of the benefits ACDX community holders stand to gain would encompass:

  • Learners Rewards: PoK as a first for DeFi platforms, entails that the study hours spent and excellence in completion, ploughs back the ACDX token for the learner who holds ACDX throughout the study time. These rewards are from the Academa or third-party study pool and its staggering crypto-cashback system. 
  • Student Payment Plan & Lending: Holders who collateralize ACDX for student loans or payment plan, stand to experience an interest reduction or fee slash. 
  • Fees & Payments: ACDX is fully equipped to achieve lightening-fast transactions at a discounted fee, if the user has a Learners ID given by Academa. For integrated fee payments, transaction charges are to be the lowest contemporarily. 
  • NFT Minting: After the launch of the AcadChain, learners and creatives can facilitate NFT minting using ACDX token at the lowest industry fees.
  • Chain & Launch Pad: Entrepreneurs and communities who wish to collaborate with AcadLabs in floating their projects, would have to hold a certain amount of ACDX, as a means execute fee deductions. 
  • Deflationary Supply: At 1B maximum supply, there would be a quarterly burn rate of 0.5%. This is to ramp up price action by exploiting scarcity. 

Prospective network schedule for the next two quarters

In full desire to develop and administrate a sturdy and robust decentralized education network, Acadex slates to meticulously actualize a set of planned activities, rollouts and developments. 

Commencing this timeline and onward would be the:

  • Trio Rounds of ACDX Token Public Sale
  • Auditing of Project’s Smart Contract
  • Listings on Exchanges & Prior Token Distributions
  • Development of the AcadFunjies, AcadBooks & AcadTix Eco Structures
  • Mainnet Deployment & Launch of AcadFunjies, AcadBooks & AcadTix
  • Initial NFT Offering on AcadFunjies
  • AcadTix Corporate Partnerships & Integrations to Event Brokering Platforms
  • Development & Testnet Deployment of Acadex’ DEX (AcaDEX)
  • Launch of AcaDEX & Unveiling of Supported Tokens

Most amazing thing about the Acadex network

Now interestingly, the most intriguing and trailblazing attribute of the Acadex Network is its successive holistic integrations with the metaverse. This unification and innovative inclusion untethers our learners & creatives onboarding and general scalability. We aim to alleviate about one  million disenfranchised scholars per year, in both academic and extra-curricula learning. More so, as an accessorizing icing on the cake and a forerunner, we are to inaugurate VR Domain Tutoring (VDT) and VR Domain Reading (VDR), all to accentuate global education quality utilizing decentralization. 

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